Government Hospital – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Government Hospital

May 11, 2007

A month a go I went for my check-up with my regular doctor. Happy to see all three babies are progressing fine =). It was my 18th week. The doctor and I had already discussed about my delivery since the beginning. He suggested that I deliver at government hospital as it would be cheaper, yup giving birth at private hospital will cost me a bomb! I once been told by my dad a triplets was delivered at the private Damansara Specialist and cost them RM80,000. (tat’s about USD 20,000) I could use that amount to buy a new car! Triplets are usually born prematured, so they hafta be placed in the incubator which what made the fees so expensive. A day of incubator would be RM1,000 each. So that would be RM3,000 a day. And in most cases they would have to stay in the incubator for at least 2 weeks.

I was then given the recommendation letter by my doctor to enable me to register at the government hospital. I could already imagine the long waiting of hours and hours. Well, do I have a choice now? No! Lucky thing my mom have a friend who works there as a senior nurse. She helped me out with the registration. But even with the help, I don’t straight away get to see a doctor, they gave a date to come again which will be next week. I can’t imagine if I don’t know anyone inside, how many weeks it takes for me to get a appointment date. My mom’s friend’s told me, I’m consider lucky coz I was given a date just the following week. They consider mine as special case which needed extra attention coz it’s a triplet. In other cases, you’ll be given an appointment date at least month later.

Anyway, so far I’m feeling much better but of cause can’t avoid the backache from time to time. Especially if I were to sit for a long period. I can now sleep more comfortably, not sure is it because I manage to find the right position or have I adapt to the size of my new body, hihi. And I now began to realise how expensive pregnancy are. Now that I no longer can fit in most of my clothes, it hit me how much I need to spend for all that. Lucky me I’m not working, or else I even have to buy new set of formal attire, fuhh. The maternity bra I bought last month which I thought there are lotsa room more for me to grow, is now actually tight….gosh. Perhaps I should just stay home and used my nice comfy pyjamas all day long, hihi.

Oh I also suffer from heartburn from time to time. The first time I had it, it was really really bad that I even had difficulty breathing. According to the readings that I did, milk could help reduce the heartburn, unfortunately I’m allergic to milk (casseine). Opps, forgot to mention this, the babies are moving a lot now. Very active. At times if I make a sudden bend, like to pick up something on the floor,it hurts, I dont think it was kicking, it feels more like something pocking me, could be their elbow or knee is in a certain position and when I bend down it feels something sharp pocking me. But at least I’m happy to know that they are active =)

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  1. sbb tau mahal lar, i registerkn diri kat government hospital. tak sanggup nk bayar byk tu. even if i were to hv the money, i rase baik beli keta kn


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