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Another ROP

August 17, 2007

Today was Athirah’s turn to have her laser treatment. Mommy reach the hospital at 10:01am but by then Dr Choo has already started doing Athirah’s eye. Mommy didn’t have the chance to see you and gave you moral support. Yesterday, doctor started doing Harith’s eye around noon, that’s why I thought coming at 10am was early enough. Hmm…was I wrong.

Since I couldn’t see Athirah, I decided to spend time with Harith. As I enter the room, I saw one of the nurse was trying to rock Harith to sleep… I asked the nurse,” Why, what happen?” Oh it seems that the moment Dr Choo wanted to start the laser treatment on Athirah, it was Harith who showed discomfort and started crying. Awww….soo sweet. Big brother showing his love for younger sister. The nurse asked me to took over, to comfort Harith. So through out the laser treatment, approximately 1 hour 45 mins, I had to rub Harith.

Al-hamdulillah, things went well. Doctor managed to do the laser without much major complication. Suprisingly after about 10mins the laser treatment completed Athirah was able to open her eyes wide open. Well Done gal!

Hmm…looks like nobody can mess around with Athirah cause her big brother will take care of her! Go Harith!

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  1. Harith & Athirah,

    You’re strong boy & girl… cepat2 besar, cepat2 baik, cepat2 balik OK. give your Mommy sleepless night pulak 😛

    i thought det MOMMYOFTRIPLETS comes from ur old blog. just today i br aware.. there’s a new one! MUST come often to check your cuties ottey!


  2. erm may both of ur princes & princess cpt2 sihat…
    so harith & athirah gud luck sweety …aunty xsbr nk tgk pic both of u…


  3. You know about this ROP?
    Arisha has to do this until age 3..
    n she is potentially kena pakai glass next year at age 4 plus…I wonder how she will look like…
    I believe you also like myself…
    sangat bersyukur dalam keadaan ur babies skrg after what u’ve gone thrukan??…walaupun still kena buat so many treatments…
    Alhamdulillah..both Harith n Athirah doing fine..for mummy..stay strong gurl!!


  4. thanks lyne, zubye and iewaamir for the prayers and wishes.

    shikin so u r experiencing the same thing? care to leave your contact, perhaps can share experience since ur anak dh besar.


  5. my twins also need to do dis test after 2 month of their birth..
    alhamdulillah, both of them past the test..
    but then, the have problem during earing test..
    they r failed for the 1st test, then, we went for 2nd test on last september (when they reach 5 months), and again, they failed..
    doc said that, its not means that they cant hear at all, but it just they cannot hear very slow sound like bunyi org berbisik or bunyi angin…dua2 pulak tu same je had frekuensi yg diorg blh dengar.. huhu..


  6. ibu-of-twins:
    alhamdulillah ur babies no prob wiz their eyes. mine both kena buat laser.
    tapi my babies takde pulak kena buat hearing test? which hospital did u giv birth?
    so far skrang ni they respond to bunyi2, but then again, kalau yg low frequency tu tak tau lar pulak…
    so whats the solution to it?


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