Harith produced a 'bomb' – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Harith produced a 'bomb'

August 13, 2007

Past few days had been a pleasant moment for mommy and papa. One of the nurse told us to lift Harith up. I was puzzled, asking “how do I do that?” So she gave me a demostration how to lift you while you were in the incubator. I shall assume you love it, cause the moment we placed you down, you began to cry.

On 6th August the nurse asked me do I want to have you in my arms? OF CAUSE! So she wrapped you in blanket and brought you out of your incubator. Nurse put you in mommy’s arm. No words could describe mommy’s feeling. Papa was of cause happy too. In fact I was telling you to tell Athirah (yes, mommy was expecting that you could do telepathy with Athirah) to breath just like you. So once Athirah is off the machine, mommy and papa can wrap you in our arms too.

In fact now Harith has started wearing clothes. Nurse said your breathing has improved, they need not monitor your chest that often, that’s why you are now qualified to wear baju..hehehheh.

Oh something funny happen. Harith did “magic”! He produced a “bomb”. Nurse told mommy and papa that she was changing your diaper cause you did “big business”, nurse thought you completed your business, as she open your diapers and about to put another new pampers…you gave a big “poop” which causes your poo-poo to splash to the wall of your incubator….hahahaha. Nottie you. Please, don’t repeat that once you are at home.

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