August 16, 2007

Today and tomorrow are rather tense for mommy and papa. But papa seems to be calm compared to mommy. Looks like papa really have faith with the medical facilities. Or maybe he tries to be as calm as possible to avoid mommy getting more tense up. Anyway both of you have to undergo a laser treatment for your eyes. This often happen to premature babies, called Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) . And mommy hopes and pray that the laser will be a success so both of you need not undergo another laser again.

Mommy is more worried with Athirah cause Athirah is still dependent on the machine to breath. Athirah is more prone to apnea. Again, mommy hopes and pray that you’ll get over with the treatment successfully.

Oh, yesterday was a memorable moment for your granny, Pah. Pah’s friend who’s working in the hospital manage to “smuggle” Pah into the Special Care Nursery (SCN) to see both of you. I could see the wide big smile Pah had on her face upon seeing both of you. And the first thing she said was “Cepat lar besar…boleh balik” (Grow big faster…so you come home). Since Pah can only be in the SCN for couple of minutes…she was like “eh, which one should i see now, Harith first or Athirah…?” Then the moment when she was looking at Harith, Athirah began to open your eyes wide open. So I called Pah “come have a look at Athirah”, and the minute Pah was with Athirah, Harith then gave a smile. Pah gets confused…which one should she see. Although it was just a couple of minutes Pah had the chance to see both of you, I’m sure it was a very meaningful moment for Pah. Oh, Pah did past a comment saying that both of you don’t look alike.

Talking about your looks. The nurses kept on saying that Harith is papa’s clone…hehehe. And Athirah is mommy’s clone.

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