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Sebagai peringatan

August 1, 2007

Today, doctor is trying to start Harith off the machine, meaning Harith will breath by himself. Mommy really hope u can do it. Hopefully malam ni when mommy and papa gi tgk, u would still be off the machine. So once breathing dah bagus, its a matter of gaining weight pulak. As for Athirah, maybe soon she’ll be off the machine too. Coz the setting is lower now.

Yesterday, mommy watch movie Cinta. Towards the end of the stroy there was a scene org meninggal. So they angkat the jenazah ke kubur. I felt like crying, in fact air mata dh penuh kat mate, tunggu time for it to flow. Of coz the story line was touching but mommy wasnt sad because of the story line. But the funeral scene reminds me of your sista Alesya. I could still remember how much I wanted to be at the funeral but doctor said one of the parents should be around for both of you. So reluctantly, I told papa that I’ll stay at the hospital while papa brings Alesya home for the funeral.

I also remember sending text msg to my brother, Yeop; your uncle Hisham (which i’m not sure yet what name will you call him). At that moment Yeop told me there was a large crowd at home and jenazah sedang dimandikan. Relatives, friends and neighbbours came to see Alesya. Although I wasn’t around, mommy was glad a large crowd send off baby Alesya for me.

Now that mommy is done with confinement, papa and I are suppose to go visit kubur Alesya to tempah the tombstone. Previously when papa said nak pegi tempah batu nisan I told him to wait for me. I wanted to go along and choose the batu nisan. But now, I don’t think I’m strong enough. I’m sure I’ll cry when I see the graveyard. But no matter how, I’ll try to be strong when I’m there.

My plan is, once Harith and Athirah are big enough to understand. I’ll bring them to the graveyard every now and then. Bukan setakat tuk bersihkn kubur arwah tapi sebagai peringatan kat kami yg masih hidup that satu hari kami akan pulang ke Allah juga. Dgn harapan, with that kesedaran, kami anak beranak akan jadi org yg lebih beriman, Insya-Allah.

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  1. Salam buat Mommy of Triplet….kak lady dptlah membaca sedikit entry2 lepas untuk mengetahui cerita mengenai mommy…

    Semoga mommy akan sentiasa tabah untuk Harith & Athirah…moga Harith & Athirah akan sentiasa sihat & membesar penuh ceria


  2. Salam Mommy of Triplets,

    So sorry about Alesya, but it’s a blessing in disguise. You’re lucky because Alesya’s waiting for you “there”. She’s a true angel.

    My sister gave birth to triplet (all boys) 13 years ago, I think at 36 weeks, and all of them survived. But at that time, she was warded already a month before delivery. The doctor advised her to do c-sect for she’s afraid that my sister would have no energy left to push for the third baby.

    Anyway, just to let you know that there’s a family in the US who share a similar experience like yours. Maybe you can get in touch with them and get tips and tricks. 🙂


  3. kak lady: thanks for ur wishes and kate2 semangat =)

    audra: wow, ur sis gave birth to triplets at 36 weeks. i read on the net, statistic showed only 14% of triplets pregnancy reach 34 weeks and above.

    I’m aware most triplets mother will be hospitalized and bed rest for a month or two. but for my case, i tak smpai 7 bulan lagi. tu doctor pun blum suruh lar meng-hospitalized kn diri, thinking tat it’s still early. what was the weight of ur anak2 buah?

    i’m aware about the similar case in US. by any chance u hv bump into their blog/website for me to get in touch wiz them?

    and thanks again for ur wishes. yup, in fact it was a blessing in disguise. furthermore, I would rather let her go than seeing her suffer in life due to variou life complication.


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