Stunt – TRIPLETS plus ONE


August 23, 2007

Few days back, (20th August) mOmmy and papa miss a stunt made by Harith. We miss it just by few seconds. As we arrived to visit both of you, mOmmy saw the nurse putting Harith in proper position. I asked what happen, and to my suprise the nurse told me you turn your body all by yourself. Previously you were lying on your chest and somehow you were able to turn over and lie on your back. Wow you turn yourself! Tak padan dgn kecik betul.

In fact, even for a full term baby, at only 2 months most babies won’t be able to do that. But amazingly you did it. And yet when mOmmy mentioned to people you are still in the hospital, they would ask question like, “do they open their eyes?” “are there any movement from them”. So, it’s not just movement people. It’s a flip over! hehe

Athirah too is very active, but she must minimize her movement since she is still on tubing. Well, Athirah, if you want freedom of movement like Harith…then you have to start breathing by yourself so the doctor can free you from the tubing. C’mon Athirah…you can do it!

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  1. How cute.. they’re amazing kan? Maybe that’s why diorang nak kuar cepat sangat. Tak sabar nk develop as babies rather than fetuses! Cepatla Harith & Athirah balek.. nanti bole mommy derang amik gamba + video gelagat derang 😉

    Aunty tumpang tgk hihi.


  2. lyna: tu lah, insted of being protected in the womb, they choose to be protected in the hospital instead.
    tu lah…sume org tanye bile babies nk balik. tapi their actual due date pun blum smpai lagi. EDD diorang patutnye 15 sept

    neeza: thanks neeza. so how’s ur pregnancy going?


  3. derang mesti jd leader ni nanti. skg pn dah lead by 14 weeks. and even show great development at 2 months old!

    bravo bravo!

    nanti bole ajar baby aunty plak yer Harith, Athirah 😉


  4. lyna: my dad slalu kate…once babies blk rumah kang sure payah. sbb harith jadi leader. die jadi imam, athirah jadi ma’mum. sorang panjat, lagi sorang ikut…heheh


  5. saya percaya babies like these actually very strong within themselves!!!
    that’s the reason they survive…
    Spirit dari dlm diri mereka sangat kuat..
    just to share…my Arisha pernah tarik tubing dia nurses kena ganti ngan tubing lain…
    macam tak snagka babu less than 1.5kg (at thattime) can do that…


  6. at this moment..
    i believe your babies is very strong within themselves…
    the spirit and courage they have within themselves is extremely miracle…!!!TRUST ME!!
    just to share:
    my arisha pernah cabut tubing tu sendiri at her weight less than 1.5kg still..smpi nurses terpaksa pasang yg lain…
    so active..
    masa tu i takut sgt tapi bila ingat2 skrg…
    that’s my girl!!so strong!!! (ym id) (email)

    Please keep in touch..I even care to meet u up!!!


  7. shikin: i will definately try to catch hold of you on YM. would really love to hear the experience you went tru.
    Honestly, upon hearing there are lots of successful cases of prem babies…it gave me more and more strength.
    by the way, how long was Arisha in the hospital?


  8. oh, my babies pun dh byk kali cabut their tubing. tangan kena ikat pun bejaya capai their ETT. I guess u r absolutely right, they are very strong within themselves. Insya-Allah


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