3 months – TRIPLETS plus ONE

3 months

September 11, 2007

Last two days hArith and athirAh turn 3 months. Time passes by rather fast. It has been 3 months since mOmmy and pApa made our daily routine of twice a day to see both of you at the hospital. So far, hArtih is showing faster progress and we are expecting hArith to come home before athirAh. However, once he returns home, on Doctor’s advice, hArith can’t welcome any guest yet coz his immune system is not as strong as other full-term babies.

A lot of people has been asking how does the little darlings look like. For the time being, mOmmy thinks it will be only appropriate if mOmmy put photos of hArith here cause he has free himself from all those wire and tubing.Those who wants to see athirAh…just stay tune =)

tiny isn’t he? 1.87kg

And also today marks the third months aleSya left all of us. Last week, mOmmy and pApa visited her graveyard. We surely miss her.


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