Historical Dates of First Hug – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Historical Dates of First Hug

September 13, 2007
In normal cases, once a baby born, their parents can straight away craddle their baby. But in rare cases like ours, though my little darlings were born on 9th June mOmmy and pApa were only able to have our first hug with hArith on 7th August. That’s almost 2 months later! No words could explain the feeling of joy mOmmy and pApa went through =)

hAppy moments!

hArith was only 1.3kg at this time

As for athirAh, her first hug wiz mOmmy was on the 26th August, but unfortunately pApa wasn’t around to have his first hug wiz athirAh. Nothing else is more fragile than athirAh with her tubes and wires.

kecik je kn…

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