Manners – TRIPLETS plus ONE


September 29, 2007

I guess, some people just don’t know how to put words nicely. While I was at the hospital with hArith for his eye check-up we received a few stares. They must be wondering why is hArith so small. Well, that wasn’t too bad until a lady who sat infront of me actually asked me “kenapa, tak nampak kah?”(why, cannot see kah?). Gosh, you don’t simply asked someone is his/her child blind. If really curious, could at least asked, “Is he having problem with his eye sight?”

Well, mOmmy thought that was rude enough until another lady who passed by actually said to me “Oh you are carrying a real baby?” So, what…you thought I’m a crazy lady who really wish to have a baby thus I carry a doll everywhere around?

So hArith and athirAh…make sure you mind your manners ya! Grow up and be a well mannered person.

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