Welcome home hArith! – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Welcome home hArith!

September 17, 2007

hOoorrAaayyy, hArith is now back home. Home sweet home. On the day of discharge (15th Sept), hArith’s weight was 1.87 kg. In most cases, babies from the Special Care Nursery (SCN) will be discharge when they weigh a minimum of 1.9kg, so by right hArith needed few more days before he can come home. But since mOmmy been visiting both of you everyday without fail, so the Prof was confident to let hArith go earlier. It was just in time to meet Wan De (Hana) before Wan De fly off to Aussie.

Since for the past 3 months, hArith been following the routine of SCN, so mOmmy could more or less predict when hArith wants his milk. In fact, his eyes will be wide open at the usual time mOmmy and pApa visit him in the hospital.

The first 2 nites were okay, but then…followed by sleepness nitesSss!. At 12 midnite sharp, hArith will be awake AND cranky. and this continues till 4 am. By the time mOmmy wants to catch my sleep, it’s already time for sahur…..not only that, mOmmy thought I can then have my beauty sleep after subuh prayers BUT 7:30 am is your bathing time cause at 8 you need to have your milk together with your vitamins/supplements.

I guess this is the package of having a baby at home. Gosh, mOmmy just can’t imagine how am I going to handle when athirAh is home with us. mOmmy will then have to be a supermOm especially when pApa is not around. Maybe, mOmmy will have a choir team in the bedroom, when one cries, the other follows….

*stay tune for the photos

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