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athirAh zAhraa

October 13, 2007

hana Posted 06/10/2007 00:14

Athirah my dearest,

how you doing? Heard your brother hates taking his bath as much as I do 🙂 oh well, there are some things in life you just have to tolerate. anyways, did u hear i’ll be home for raye? so… on raye morning, we have to go smayang raye, harith has to be fed and changed and stuff, and we have to visit you at the hospital since u can’t celebrate ur first raye on your own, and of course we gotta go say hye to alesya. so here’s the deal…. how bout, u get better over the next 6 days, then we can have u at home and we have 1 less place to go! after all, there’s only 24 hours in a day….

ur aunty

Here’s a note from your aunty hAna which she post it in mOmmy’s friendster. Oh by the way, ur aunty hAna still undecided what she wants to be called. Initially it was supposed to be Wan De, but somehow Pah came out with a new idea. She wants all nieces and nephews to call your aunty and uncle by the same name what their own children call them. Which means all my nieces and nephews will also call me mOmmy. So Pah suggested hAna to be mAma hAna, but she finds it “yuckss”…so she prefered to be called mOther. So mother she is…

The greatest phone call…
On the 11th October suddenly I received a call from the Special Care Nursery (SCN)…of coz I became panic, coz usually when things go wrong, the nurse/doctor will contact parents. But this time it turn out to be a phone call wiz the best news ever!!! Nurse told me the shocking news, she first mentioned about athirAh’s weight which was at that time 1795grm, and she said Prof is doing an ultra sound scan on athirAh, and once all that done and if everything goes well…shE’s rEadY to gO hOme! mOmmy couldn’t believe what I just heard. We quickly fix athirAh’s cot =). Then there was another phone call, to confirmed can athirAh come home…and YES the nurse said, athirAh is ready to go home tomorrow! (12th October)

After the phone call, I remembered about mOther’s note. Wow, athirAh respond to it! cOol! But besides that, the Prof was being understanding, coz usually a baby is allowed to be discharged when reached the weight of 1.9kg. but I guess, he knows all parents want their children to be home for festive season. and since I already had almost a month training on handling a baby, he reckon I can handle another one too.

WelcOme hOme athirAh!!!

Reality Hits Me…
Naturally, surely all parents will be excited to have their babies home. First thing I did when athirAh arrived home, I place her on the bed and put hArith by her side. I was telling both of them to take care of each other. All this while Pah always feels that hArith is small (well of cause he is) but after having athirAh home, we really think that hArith has grown up. We can really see an obvious difference in size between the two of them.

After placing both of them together, it became clearer to my head “Wow I’m a mother of two!” and I was like…gosh what should I do when both cry at the same time? who do I attend to first? how do I feed both at the same time? what if pApa is away at work? how do mOmmy handle all by myself? and how will my nites be from now on?

mOmmy always fear of snatch thieves each time mOmmy walks along this alley…

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