*burp* – TRIPLETS plus ONE


October 1, 2007
Ever since hArith returned home mOmmy tried giving breastfeeding to hArith but the session failed each time. Being used to bottle feeding in the hospital, hArith finds it more work needed to be done for breastfeeding. So why should he do the extra work of suckling? so mOmmy need to express breastmilk and fill it up in his bottle. However, mOmmy’s factory production of milk is decreasing, thus we opt for a mix of breastmilk and formula : S-26

pApa’s burping session with hArith ended up being a sleeping session. I wonder who actually felt asleep first?

Yup, still holding hArith properly…

OppsSss, pApa now hands off. mOmmy have to come to the rescue and place hArith in his crib before hArith looses his grip…

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