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I smelled jeolousy….

October 11, 2007

On the 5th, we went for hArith’s follow-up appointment. Everything went well while we were waiting for our turn….but onlyl later when hArith decided to poo-poo while doctor was examine him….hahAha

my boY has increased his weight from 760grm (on day of birth) to 1.87kg (on day if discharge) to 2.44kg on the follow-up day. HooRaYyyY!

And…here’s a story of hArith the DraMa KinG!…..

mOmmy put hArith to sleep, and decided to sew the extra length of athirAh’s dress. Despite the deep sleep…..i smelled JelouSy…..yup, hArith started crying when mOmmy began sewing athirAh’s dress. mOmmy ignored coz I know, u already been fed and diapers changed. The cry became louder and louder till Pah mentioned to him “u too have your baju raya right?” so mOmmy took out ur baju raya and turn it out to be a bolster for you. I was like “see…u too have ur baju raya”….and wOw…hArith stop crying and felt asleep.

hArith the draMa kIng…

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