Fragile – TRIPLETS plus ONE


November 25, 2007
I often hear moms saying that their newborns are fragile. But for me, I considered their babies very healthy AND big….cause my definition of fragile would be this…
my 600grm baby girl
*kecik je kn
my small tiny gal has grown ,
she’s now approximately 2.5kg


although mOmmy feels that athirAh has grown big
friends and relatives still thinks she’s small,
maybe that’s because they didn’t see her newborn size
and afterall for a 5 month old baby,
she is indeed small,
i can even carry her with one hand


*unfortunately i don’t have hArith’s (760grm) newborn photo

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  1. seriusly harith & athirah sgt cute & bijak!

    derang sgt special in my eyes, sebab detik2 yg derang lalui sampai la besar mcm ari ni. & credit goes to tak lain tak bukan Puan Munirah Hanim, their tough Mommy!


  2. hi salam i’m a silent reader. i love to read ur writings about ur triplets. it’s interesting. don’t worry bout what people say. diaorg boleh berkata2 tapi kita sebagai mak ayah org yg paling layak menentukan masa depan diaorg..:) btw i love athirah’s and harith’s baju semua cantik.


  3. new mommy: glad to hear that u find my writings interesting =). whenever ppl say anything to me, some of it i take it as good advises and follow it, tp mane yg kite rase bercanggah dgn pendapat sendiri, kite diam kn je..
    baju athirah and harith mostly my parents yg belikan, or shall i say 90% of it. lagi 8% uncle diorang yg belikn, parents die belikn 2% je…hihihi. first cucu in the hse, tu sume org syok membeli =)

    hope to hear more comments from you, salam perkenalan

    sitilina: its lovely to hear such compliments bout my babies and alamak, terasa mcm u over rated me lar pulak,hihihi. al-hamdulillah they are now growing well and healthy. and if u think their mOmmy is tough…the real fact, they are much more tougher than me

    anonymous: thanx dear, yup both dh tembam..ketara sungguh double chin mereka…hihi


  4. Mommyoftriplets, cepat betul diorang ni membesar kan? keciknya athirah masa lahir, tengok tangan dia yang kiut miut tu, sekarang ni, hehe.. tembam. nanti dah start solid lagi la. Glad to know they are doing well now. They are the true survivors.


  5. dlt: mmg dioran kecik sgt, mase first time i nmpak, takut sgt rasenye..thinking can they survive. kepala cam size bola tennis je. Kuasa Allah, now dh besar, al-hamdulillah. They are my miracle babies =)


  6. she’s adorable little darling although she’s small..adorable things come in small sizes doncha think? have been blessed with these miracle babies..i think other mommies would die to have adorable triplets like yours..
    salam perkenalan dari shay & sarah


  7. mom of triplets,
    i can’t believe i met a mother of triplets. congrats (although it’s a lil bit late)!! this is so amazing (seriously, mcm tak percaya :P).
    btw, i hv a friend yg miscarried her triplets at about 3-4 mos of pregnancy :(.


  8. shay:
    salam perkenalan shay and sarah =)
    al-hamdulillah my husband and i are blessed with these miracles babies. the first few months was rather tense for both of us. seeing all the tubes at the babies were certainly not easy.
    we are very happy and glad that things are moving on well for all of us.

    mrs safwan:
    salam perkenalan =). its definately sad to hear about your friend. so all three babies did not survive?


  9. salam perkenalan..
    dah bertahun blogging baru terjumpa this blog from okinokiyo..

    kecik nye jari…. kuasa Allah


    admin Reply:

    alhamdulillah,anak2 kecil ini sudah besar. Kuasa Allah tiada had-Nya 🙂


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