Their first solid food – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Their first solid food

November 27, 2007

hArith and athirAh had their first solid food…AVOCADO. mOmmy chosed avocado because of its high nutrient content. hArith had no problem eating. But athirAh, had difficulty to swallow the food, so doctor suggested to give some time before we try feeding athirAh again. Harith enjoys eating, he definately has pApa’s appetite..hihi

Well, I find preparing fruits puree very convenient. I smash the avocado and keep it frozen, so I need not smash every morning. Here’s how I did it….


Each cube is approximately 1+ ounces, allowing you to have an idea of the amount of food your baby is consuming.

the cubes to be kept in the freezer, so mOmmy can use the ice tray to smash other food =)

take one cube and few drops of milk, and heat it up using the bottle warmer

Tadaaaa…..It’s ready

As suggested by the website I read, we need to try each new food for 4 days, so we could detect any allergies reaction. Both has no problem with Avocado, now they are having bananas. Yum Yum….

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