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November 20, 2007

Now that my angels are 5 months and 1 week, it means they will have another 3 weeks before they can start on solid food. Of coz, every mom wants the best for their babies. I’m planning to give them homemade food (hope, i dont sound too ambitious.). So anyone who knows any reliable website for babies food, do inform me ya. So far, I have found one very helpful site .

hArith and athirAh, u soon gonna have some yummy-licious food. No longer just milk 24/7.

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  1. homemade food is the best for our babies especially prem babies like ours’…
    i start train my twins after 4 months.. but it not easy coz diorg x reti nk kunyah.. so susah skit.. at that time, i just give them once per week.. then masuk 6 bulan baru start bagi hari2, once per day.. itupun ade yg miss sbb x smpat.. almaklumlah, balik kerje da nk kene masak utk hubby, so, kalo sempat, mlm baru my babies dpt makan..
    i selalu buat bubur nasi yg di blend.. means, i tanak nasik dulu & i will put various types of vagies mcm bayam, sawi or kentang, then, blend…
    last week, i pernah letak ikan bilis, konon2 nk bagi sedap sikit lah, tp my twins naik ruam kt leher.. huhu.. they still alergic wif bilis kot sbb bilis kan gatal… hehe..

    p/s: i x smpat nk balas ur msg kt frenster.. kalo smpat nnti, i balas k!


  2. Assalamualaikum.
    I happened to be reading this blog, and though not really in the same shoes, my baby was also slightly premature.
    When I wanted to start solids, it’s advised that you look at the correctional age. They may be 5 months, but in actual they are younger if they were born full term. Which means, their internal organs are not fully developed at 6 months next month, and may have other problems.
    Please check with the pead if it is ok to start. Please don’t get offended, just thought of sharing what I know.
    As for homemade baby food, I did take recipes from this website: http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/
    Good luck and have fun feeding healthy food to the kids!


  3. anonymous:
    thanx 4 dropping by my blog n of coz im not offended. in fact i’ll be glad to get tips and advises =).
    yup, im aware about their correctional age, by rite my babies are only 10 weeks old kalau ikut actual due date. tapi aritu mase check-up wiz paeds doctor i asked about giving food sbb mase tu my boy non-stop nak susu. every hour nk susu, and he drinks almost
    4oz each time. so doctor kate, that could means, milk saja not enuff for him. doctor kate try to give him any paste food. n the useful website that i meant is the same like one u mentioned =)
    their first solid food was avocado, harith had no problem eating eat. in fact takleh tunggu mOmmy die nk scoop frm the bowl. but athirah masih slow. after every suap kena kasi susu, so i kasi skit je dulu kat athirah, just for introduction.

    p/s: btw, ur anak prem brapa bulan?

    wah cepat u start kasi ur anak makan. i gonna try bubur soon. at the moment dok try kasi fruits. trying to go for natural food dulu, hehehe. and i choose avacodo as their first solid food since avocado very high in nutrition.
    since i tak keja, so senang lar skit nk kasi them food, i give in the morning.

    p/s: sebenar2nya mOmmy diorang tak kasi bubur sbb malas nak masak…hihi. afterall fruits are good kn, 😉


  4. my bro in law pun start bg mkn baby dia dgn buah jugak, at that time the baby already 4 mths, she is normal baby… but then, baby tu start cirit birit, mungkin perut dia x sesuai dgn buah2an, even it was suggested by their doctor…
    so, hw was harith?? u tgk dlm tempoh seminggu, kalo berak dia cam biasa, means, dia ok la..
    sbb for me, w/pun buah is natural food, tp dia still ade asid kan?? correct me if i’m wrong…
    i pun budak baru belajar…
    that why, i kene jugak paksa diri rajinkn diri masak nasik then blend, rebus kentang then lenyek… x try lg bg buah kt my twins, next month nk try gak la…


  5. carrot ok ke??
    ari tu, doctor x suggestkn carrot sbb carrot susah nk hadam even kite da rebus.. baby blh makan carrot bile da 8 mnths above..
    x tau la…


  6. I had contractions dari 16 weeks, lepas tu doc put me on homebound sampai delivery, every day kena makan ubat so that contractions tak continue. Thruout pregnancy, I bleeding 3 kali, the last one tu because placenta previa, terus kena deliver at 35 weeks.
    My dd pun at around 4 months (corrected age 3 bulan) mcm hisap susu tak cukup, try bagi solid tapi perut tak leh accept, so I hold until dia 5 months plus corrected age. I start dgn buah jugak, but dia tak suka avocado. Fav. dia, baked pear. Recipe ade dlm the website, try it, sedap! Lagi sedap dari steam, tapi bagi variety lah, kadang2 steam, kadang2 bake. Her first foods: pear, apple, sweet potato, once a day in the morning. Sbbnya kalau bagi petang, if perut dia tak sedap, it will disturb u tgh malam. And since you refer kat website tu, I guess you know you should try same food for at least 4 days to make sure tak de allergies. Biler dah ok, try other foods, and if all ok, u boleh combine. Good that harith tak de problem makan, nak besar tu. And for athirah, don’t force kalau dia tak nak. All kids are different, kita follow dia punye rhythm. Memang seronok prepare homemade food ni!


  7. ibu-of-twins:
    alamak silap type. wanted to say banana. time type tu baru lepas makan lunch yg ade carrot, tu sasul..hehhe.
    yup, carrot should be introduce around 7-8 months

    mum2sonia: wahh awalnye u dapat contraction. i was unfortunate coz i didnt know wat i felt was contraction. tu tak sempat doctor nk gave me medication and all. when i went to the hospital, all types of medication given dh takleh jalan…it was a bit too late sbb dh open 9 cm
    yup, im aware bout the 4 days food thingy. today is the 4th day for avocado. bsok tukar pulak…


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