2007 – TRIPLETS plus ONE


December 31, 2007
gOodbye 2007 and hEllo 2008!

I’ll just save myself from doing a New Year Resolution List. (well I never had one for any of the previous years, even if I were to have one, it will just be a paper with some scribble on it but tnothing done to work on it…hehehe)

hOwever, in yearSssSss to come, if anyone were to ask me about my 2007, it surely be about my miracle bAbies. On 9th June, I was blessed with my darling triplets…all alone in the labour room. Yup, unfrotunately in government hospital, we are nto allowed to have any family member (not even husband) with us in the labour room. But then again, it wouldn’t make any difference if I’m allowed to do so cause hubby was away in Melbourne. Gave birth to my first baby at 9:05am, second baby at 9:11am and third at 9:17am. Hubby managed to fly the first flight out from Melbourne and met me and the babies at almost midnite (of the same day).

But it wouldn’e be fair for me to say that I was all alone. Coz while I was trying to push my babies out, I manged to do some head counts. There were 23 heads (nurses and doctors) in the labour room with me. Yup 23! As far as I could recall there were 4 (or was it 5) doctors and the rest were nurses. In fact, there were more heads actually. I didn’t manage to count those heads who came in and out the room while I was trying to push out my babies. I had like a cheerleading squad team, all asking me to Push, pUsh, puSh and pusH! and few were like “hah, betul tu, bagus, bagus, bagus”. and when hArith pop out all were like “BAGUS!!!!!!” And the cheer continued for alesYa and athirAh to pop out. I even had one of the doctor holding, supporting my head up.

I can still clearly remember, after hArith came out, I knew there were still more work for me to do. So I was like “Doctor, bile nak push lagi?”. The doctor told me to take a deep breath and start pushing again whenever I feel the urge to do so. So I told her “nak lagi lar ni” and she replied “kay, push lar”…hheheheh

2007 will surely be a memorable one. The first two months after delivery was rather tense and full of anxiety. After loosing my second baby on the 11th June, the biggest fear would be loosing another one. Visits to the hospital became our new daily routine. Of cause to park the car at Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (formerly known as US) add on to our level of stress.

Al-hamdulillah, I now have my two babies safe and sound at home.

As for 2008…stAy tunE, another suprise coming! =)
to evEryone out there, hAppy new yeAr!
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  1. that sounds kind of like Grey’s Anatomy to me..haha..must be about the only time they get to see triplets coming out – live!


  2. mommyadam:
    tu lah…at first i was like “gosh, what?? am i suppose to expose my private part to all these people?!?!?!”
    but after awhile…i was telling myself…arrghh, what the heck, lets just be done with it…heheheh


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