December 13, 2007
Miracle bAbies
From a mere 760gm and 600gm babies
they are now 4.2kg and 3.2kg

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  1. oh my God..
    apela perasaan you as the mother tgk diorg mcm ni..berselirat tubes..

    i tgk my baby menangis bawah purple light (jaundice) tu pun i dah nangis cos sian kat dia..


  2. mommyadam:
    mase first time tgk tu mmg speechless, nk sentuh pun takut. i wasnt sure wat was i supposed to do. was i supposed to tgk saje or bleh sentuh. pastu piki, will i break their bones if i pegang diorang, smpai ade nurse dtg to me and said “pegang lar,and cakap lar dgn anak tu”, baru lar berani nak pegang.

    each time pegi visit them, i would always captured the moment they open their eyes as I touched them.

    bcoz of their condition that they had to go through,i told myself i had to be strong for them.


  3. sedihnya dgr keterangan munirah, dan tgk pic2 tu sedih sgt rasa, tp skrg nengokkan diorang mmg rasa happy je.. hehe. dah tembam dan harith & athirah..

    i mmg kagum dgn semangat u… u memang sgt tabah..

    for our babies kan, mmg kena tabah..

    i tgk anak i kena cucuk jarum nak masukkan antibiotik for 7days pun cam nak nangis..



  4. ayueayang:
    al-hamdulillah my babies showing gud progress now. doctors and nurses did a super fantastic job! =)
    i tgk diorang kena cucuk i tak takut, cume jgn suruh i hold them sbb takut i tegerak2 nanti tak pasal2 diorang sakit. on top of tat, diorang dh biasa kena cucuk…now tak nanges pun if pegi for their immunisation or for blood test.

    p/s:i have no intention at all nak takutkn anybody by showing those tiny pics of my babies, neither do i have any intention to show ppl whether i tabah or not…
    niat nak tunjuk how miracles happen =)


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