Quality Time: Father & Son – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Quality Time: Father & Son

December 2, 2007

Whenever pApa is not away for work, he will make a point (or rather mOmmy will make sure..hehehe) that he mandikn the two babies. hArith seems to love his bathing session wiz pApa. Maybe that’s because pApa’s hands are more like cushion for him to rest his head, whereas mOmmy’s hands mcm tulang. If mOmmy mandikn, the first 5 minutes, he’ll be quiet and then he’ll start making unhappy noises. But whenever pApa takes his bath, even if it was 10 minutes under the tap, he’ll remain quiet.

*soon hArith will be too big to have his bathing time in the sink, no more “waterfall” for him

Even feeding time, hArith demands pApa to feed him. The other day, pApa was having his breakfast so mOmmy decided to feed hArith first and pApa would continue later. hArith refused to open his mouth, but when pApa took over..wow his mouth was wide open. Hmm…

*yummy bAnanas

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  1. neeza: bleh2, hehehhe. my hubby mmg hands on. tinggalkn die kat umah dgn babies wouldnt be a problem. in fact die mandikn anak lagi teliti daripada i. sume celah2die sental. bleh dpt award bapak mithali…hehe


  2. haha.. samelah cam ayah my twins.. when he at home, it was his turns to mandikan both my twins.. hehe… ur hubby same cam my hubby, teliti sgt kalo mandikan baby, nk shampookan baby pun ber jam2.. haha…

    p/s: ur babies mandi ngan air sejuk ke??


  3. ibu-of-twins:
    nope, diorang mandi warm water. my tangki ade warm water, tu bleh mandi kat sink. hArith suke air jatuh atas badan die, ala2 waterfall. if off the tap die melalak…heheh


  4. This is the first time I come across your blog. Hai mama triplet!…..tahniah ye dan takziah utk alesya…camana ye mengendalikan 2 baby comel nie sekaligus?..tp papanye byk membantu tu dah baguss…ok nanti kita kenal2 lagi…u r welcome to Lily’s blog juga…byee


  5. ummi:
    i tak penah try if breastmilk to frozen, coz b4 this if i nk kasi EBM i akan bring it down from the freezer ke fridge bawah b4 my anak nk minum. tapi i think should be okay, sbb frozen food okay je i panas kn

    lili safiyya: salam perkenalan. at first mmg susah to let go alesYa, i tend to blame myself for what had happen, i slalu ckp, IF ONLY i went to the hospital faster, sure things would be different. tp after alesYa pergi, looking at my fragile babies, i knew i have to be strong for them. loosing one was enough, i wanted to make sure the other 2 survive, so i remain strong for them.
    dulu, nk pegi kubur pun cam takut nanti menanges kat situ, but actually, everytime i pegi, i felt calm looking at alseYa’s kubur,. maybe becoz deep inside i know, she’s now save wiz Allah.
    and of coz hubby was my stronger backbone mase tu.


  6. your babies are beautiful 🙂

    I don’t know how u handle 2 at the same time. must be the most rewarding, tiring experience, huh?


  7. thanx =), it is indeed the most rewarding n tiring experience, hihi.
    but i find tat working mom wiz twins are definately more impressive. i salute them


  8. huhu.. mmg tired sgt… need to devide my body, one go for buat kerja rumah & another one go for jaga twins… haha…
    i really wanna be a housewife too… but nobody wanna replace my post!!!!!!


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