Weight gain – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Weight gain

December 29, 2007

Yesterday, we brought hArith and athirAh for their special immunization, Palivizumab. They need this immunization because they are at high risk of Respiratory Syntical Virus (RSV), thus this immunization is a form of prevention, insya-Allah.

Anyway, before their immunization were given, nurse took their weight. They are showing good weight gain. hArith is now 5.02kg and athirAh is 3.74kg. For babies like them (premature) their weight gain should be between 15 – 30 gram a day. That’s about 450gram – 900gram a month. Last 4 weeks, hArith was 4.16kg and athirAh was 2.98kg. Which means they increased 860grm and 760grm respectively.

Talking about good weight gain, mOmmy on the other hand is showing poor weight gain. Gosh, i’m loosing more weight. I now weigh less than 40kg. And this poor weight gain made me loose my ring! (NO, not my wedding ring) The other day I did notice that my ring is loose, so instead of wearing it at my fourth finger, i ended wearing it at my third finger. I thought that would be safe enough. I only realised that my ring is no longer at my finger when i had my body massage yesterday. Goshh….this is sooooo not good.

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  1. mommyadam:
    good? hmm, to certain extend mmg cam bes if loose weight. tapi if dh smpai tahap underweight…i think tu dh not good, coz kang lack of nutrition.

    if ikut BMI, im supposed to be at least 47kg. but considering i’m only 5″2…kang jadi short and fat lar pulak..heheh

    definately dont want that =)


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