hAppy guessing – TRIPLETS plus ONE

hAppy guessing

January 23, 2008
As for 2008…stAy tunE, another suprise coming! =)
to evEryone out there, hAppy new yeAr!

If you readers were to remember, I wrote the above phrase at the end of my first 2008 entry. And recently I had a friend from Germany who enquire what’s the suprise all about, in which she wrote to me:

“And by the way, does that β€œstay tune, another surprise coming! =)” mean anything in particular? Or does it mean life with two babies is full of surprises in general?”

Hmm…she already made her guess, anyone else want’s to make a guess before I reveal the suprise?

Well..hAppy guessing!

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  1. don’t tell us you’re pregnant again πŸ˜› altho that’s such a great news, but woohoo that’d be a great surprise too!

    congrats if i’m right hehe πŸ™‚


  2. hmm…why is it everyone coming out with the same answer? is that the best suprise that could happen…

    well…lalalalaa lala lalaaa

    im not gonna say anything just yet

    laalallaa lala llaalala =)


  3. new maid maybe?? hahah not that suprise tho..hahha

    apa yea? a new car?
    u guys going for holidays?
    hmm new house? hehhehe
    or ur brother getting married? hmmm wild guess…


  4. zetty:

    hehehe…it would be great to have all that u mention!

    my bro getting married? i wonder when will tat be. but i told my bro wait till my babies bleh jln so they can walk gracefully kt aisle together with him…hihi

    so its either he gets married lmbt lagi or my babies able to walk soon..hihi


  5. lana:
    hmm..we’ll wait and see. bile agaknye akn di-reveal-kn, hihi

    alamak, kang if takde lar suprise mane, buat malu kite je kn..heheh
    tgk2 kang org kate “larrr, itu je?”
    xpe2, we’ll wait and see

    another triplets? hmmm… mcm kilnag buat anak pulak kang..hihi


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