July 2008 – TRIPLETS plus ONE

July 2008

January 28, 2008

Okay okay…I think everyone are curious enough what’s the suprise that I have for 2008. And now I’m afraid when I reveal my suprise people would say “hah…that’s it?” or “tat’s not suprising at all”… well i do hope my suprise is considered as a surprise for readers out there. At least for some.

When my friend Jessica from Germany made her guess…i was smiling non-stop reading her mail. The way she made her guess was very cute AND cheeky. Here was what she wrote in her e-mail:

Well, actually I already have a guess in my mind… Only, it might be a bit imaginative and fantastic. I hardly dare writing it down… Here it is:
1. It is really cute.
2. It is the greatest gift of God.
3. It has eyes, ears, a mouth and very likely a nose.
4. It has a pair of hands.
5. It is two-legged.
6. Nobody can see it, yet. But you can feel it.
Are any of my guesses right?
Looking forward to all surprises to come.

After I read the email, I called syauQi and read the email out loud to him. and syauQi was like… “number 2 is wrong”..and I looked at him and read number 2 again. I asked him “wrong?” I thought he would refer to our miracle babies as the greatest gift of God. With a very innocent look he said “isn’t it me your greatest gift of God?” ….awwww sooo sweet =)

Anyway, back to the suprise. Yup, some of you guess it right! I’m in my 4th month of pregnancy. Nooo…not multiple pregnancy again. Only one this time. Some of you might have expected this news but perhaps it came as a shock to some. Well, I was definately shocked when I came to knew about it.

I didn’t feel nausea this time, but I felt gastric. I told my mom, I didn’t skip any meal so there’s no reason to get gastric. Till one day, I had problem with my knee and no makcik urut was able to help my knee. One of the lady that massage me suggested that I should go for x-ray. That’s when it cross my mind I should do pregnancy test because it would be harmful for pregnant mothers to do x-ray. Went out to buy the urine test…and tadddaaaaa. Result showed positive. I was speechless. I read the instruction on the box again and again to confirm two lines means pregnant or not. Well the news came as a suprise to everyone except hubby. syauQi was very calm. As for me, it was more of a shocked than a suprise.

We shall wait for June 2008, hArith & athirAh will have another sibling!

Yabedabeduuu…new family member coming!

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  1. am i the first to comment? yes? good.. =D

    wahhh.. congratulations on the super good news! i’m really in awe of u.. when i read ur previous post abt the aqiqah, abt the importance of communicating with ur babies and now this.. wahhh.. i thought to myself.. ur still young but motherhood comes so naturally to u.. and i think that is a real blessing from Allah swt.. it really puts me to shame.. i’m just abt to have my first child and already i’m groaning and moaning and have so many hangups and anxiety over so many trivial things.. huhuhu.. unfortunately i am very the kronik like that.. =P

    but anyway, congratulations and i want u to know that i think ur heart and priorities are all in the right place girl!

    all the best!


  2. pennylane:
    thanks for the wishes and dont worry dear, when ur baby arrives, mother’s instict will come naturally =)


  3. wow muniiii…..! congratulation!
    exactly a year after ur triplets were born rite.

    big family now ha…

    neway take care of urself dear..!

    welcome de little one!


  4. thanks lyna!
    when the new lil’ khalifah arrives, my babies will be 13 months old.time tu diorang tgh nk start jln kot…jenuh lar nak mengejar yg 2 tu…hihi

    yup, a big family we gonna hv soon =)


  5. Congrats! I knew it from the start. 🙂 Got the hint because I think that’s exactly how I announced my second pregnancy dulu hehe.

    I’m so happy for you and I’m sure the sibs are going to be Very close to each other!


  6. mom2que:
    thanks! hehe, cam tak thrill ek cara annouce..hihi
    yup, i do hope all three will be close with each other.


  7. babynadhrah:
    thanks for the wishes…oh if dpt triplets lg mmg pengsan nk jaga. jd mcm kilang buat anak larr pulak…hihi


  8. munirah

    inilah yg dikatakan rezeki Allah nak bg kan..and congratulation on ur coming ones..

    Take good care of ur self, harith & athirah…


  9. zetty:
    tu lah, mmg rezeki…a very unexpected one =)

    kecik2 lagi hArith akn bergelar the Big Bro…hihi


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