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Just Pictures

January 22, 2008

It’s been quite some time since I last post photos here…

The public still ask the gender of my babies

Isn’t it kind of obvious it’s a gal and a boy?

“hmm…when is pApa coming hOme, I miss him…don’t you?”

Laughter is the best medicine!

“mOmmy, i’m done jumping…could you please get me out”

” hmm..should we be good or cranky babies?
why not we team up to make mOmmy cry?”

“Don’t worry mOmmy, we decided to be good babies!

I’m the boss!


My instant baby cot at Maybank =)

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  1. ayueayang:
    thanks =). it is indeed such a wonderful feeling to see them from a mere 600grm and 760grm has now grow big and healthy, insya-Allah.


  2. suka sgt2 tgk gmbr2 twins nie … x susah pun nk tau gender ..kan leh tgk kat stroller dorg yg sgt2 cute & comei tu … they really like camera ler ..comei sgt2 😉


  3. diana:
    tu lar i confused tu…dh lar tanye wats their gender. pastu dh ckp a gal and a boy…but yet bleh pulak tanye after that..which one gal, and which is the boy…
    haaiiyaa, ape larr…


  4. hi! i’ve been following ur blog quite sometime… suka tgk babies u =) btw i pon kena mcm u jugak…baby i gurl tapi sebb kan dia xde rambut i pakaikan lah reben tu pun ada jugak tanya gender lagi..ayoyo…


  5. hello there fiza! nice to hear from u.
    hmm dh pakai ribbon pun nak tanye gender, tu dh tahap bengap kot..heheh

    tp i rase those yg tanye tu lebih kepada cam ayat2 basi… nmpak je baby, sure tanye…”eh, gal ke boy?” then tanye pulak “ohh..dh brapa bulan ni”

    tak tgk betul2 pun…trus tanye2…cam soalan ice breaking lar tu..hehhe


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