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Do you know

February 24, 2008

that Vicks are not to be used for babies? All this while, I conviniently rub vicks on my babies before going to bed to help them with their block nose. (hmm, we suspect hArith has sinus, coz he always has block nose at night but no problem during day time. Tapi logic ke babies ade sinus?) One day, hubby came back and told me that one of his collegue mentioned to him that Vicks is not suitable for babies? I was like “huh? are you sure….so many mothers that I know using it” Then hubby said it is written on it. I quickly checked it out and dang “DIRECTION FOR USE: For adults and children over 2 years.”

check out the label at the back…

By the way, any other mothers out there aware of this or am I the only one yang tak tau? Well, maybe some would say that they been using it all this while and nothing happen. But with premature babies, I dare not take any risk. So I immediately stop using it. Lucky thing hubby’s collegue informed him that we could get Vicks for babies in Aussie. Hubby managed to get hold of it. It seems to be very effective on my babies. And my dad recently had a trip to Aussie he managed to get another 2 for our stock.

Vicks BabyBalsam
Soothing Baby Care
Essential Oils for Comfort

Talking about Aussie…my sis is now back in her kampung ulu Canberra. No more instant baby sitter for hArith and athirAh =(

p/s: If anyone seen this BabyBalsam here in Malaysia, please inform me ya!

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  1. uih..i pon tak baby pon kene nose block last night n my hubby suggest tarok vicks..but i tak sedap hati,n tak tarok..


  2. tu lar, i rase mmg ramai org mcm i..not aware about this.

    my fren dulu suggested letak kt tapak kaki je to be safe…


  3. muni i think ada vicks for babies in mesia. rasanya brand vicks la. i saw my mom used it for my lil bro ms dia baby dlu. purple pack? cant remember. but it’s really mild & bau2 mcm grape.


  4. yes, for baby it’s purple and smells grape. ada kat msia.. kakak ipar i guna utk anak dia tp i x penah bli lg.. erm, i guna minyak mestika (nama bayini) for baby je..hehe.. ok utk aishah.


  5. omg munirah i pun pakaikan haiqal waktu die batuk selsema dulu2 tu. gonna put it awayyyyyyy now. tq sooo much for the warning!


  6. lana:

    tu lar…i pun same gak. but since nothing happen to ur baby when u used it (and most other baby that I know of), i guess it’s not that dangerous…cume since it is already stated there, better not to use it,juz to be on the safe side


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