hArith – TRIPLETS plus ONE


February 13, 2008
Almost everyone who meet hArith would say that he has a photostat copy of his pApa’s look.
mOmmy on the other hand feels that hArith’s behaviour is the actual photostat copy of his pApa.
the No. 1 similarity both hArith and pApa have is their appetite.
hArith lOvessss to eat.
He eats anything, anytime.
(athirAh on the other hand, is very choosy and picky
one day, she doesn’t mind having sweet potato,
and another day she would simply refused to eat it and maintain her mouth shut
that is soooo mOmmy, hihi).
and when I say hArith eats anything, ANYTIME…i really mean it.
despite being verrryy sleepy,
he can still eat.
check this out…

I tried to stop feeding him, fear that he will get chock.


when I stop feeding…he will open his eye, peep on me…checking why am i not feeding him.

his eyes would be searching for the spoon…

when I continue feeding him, he’ll close his eyes and continue his nap.

And, when he’s full…he doesn’t want to be lift up from the chair

he wants to continue having his nap on it.

Tried lifting him up, he’ll cry out loud.

So I will leave him there, and he’ll wake up whenever he had enough of his power nap.

Oh…isn’t he, pApa’s boy.

pasni hArith besar, syok ah pApa…ade partner in food hunting.

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  1. lovelyummi:
    mase first time happen mmg sume kt rumah find it funny…skrang sume dh lali tgk harith tido smbil makan..hihi

    journeys for 2:
    mmg syauQi tak sabar tunggu hArith besar…bleh ajk makan nasi kandar sbb mOmmy mmg jgn harap lar nk makan nasi kandar.

    dh siap plan nk makan nasi dagang kampung bharu kul 1 pagi


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