pApa – TRIPLETS plus ONE


February 3, 2008

It was GREAT to have pApa at home for the past 8 days. Well…

pApa at home = mOmmy gets her undisturb sleep at nite.
Yup, having pApa means, mOmmy need not bathe hArith and athirAh, need not change their stinky soiled pampers, and best part of all mOmmy need not wake up middle of nite to feed both babies…cause pApa take charge of all that. In fact, during aQiqah the other day, while pApa was feeding hArith one of Tuk Ki’s friend asked whether was pApa doing a show in front of others or was he genuinely feeding hArith. Ape lagi, mOmmy pun terus lar bersuara…saying that’s definately not a show coz pApa does almost everything whenever he’s around.

hArith and athirAh has no problem with the homemade rollercoster ride…hihi

We even had “pool” time. Both were hAppily splashing water. And they had rubber duckie given by Pah’s friend during the aQiqah. hArith just couldn’t get enough of the ducks. I’m not too sure kenapa die geram sgt dgn duck tu. He actually bite the duck.

konon2 berenang lar tu, non-stop kicking their legs

I want that duck! I want it, I want it!!!

pApa, help…the duck is going further and further

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  1. sorry i missed your previous entries…sooo…congratulations!!!!

    i know i guessed exactly that but still i didn’t think i would be right! wah..mmg rezeki you la =) alhamdulillah…

    btw, cute pool..maybe i should get one for Adam…hehe


  2. wah ur babies makin tembam la.. harith mmg nmpk betul ketembaman dia.

    syoknya main air… derang dah boel duduk dah ek?


  3. mommyadam:
    thanks, tu lah mmg rezeki…x expect this soon. Hmm, mungkin pasni bleh “tutup kedai” kot..hihi

    pool tu kecik je, cukup lar for their size…saje testing dulu. kang dh beli besar and tak suke rugi pulak. lgpun easier nak takung air…take lesser time

    tu lar, kaki harith dh macam tebu..ade ruas2,hihi
    betapa besarnye kuasa Allah, from less than 1kg now dh almost 6kg. Al-hamdulillah. if tgk balik gambar dulu…mcm tak caye je


  4. lyna:
    oh, lupe lak.they still need support to sit, tu bapak die pegang kepala je biar tgn and kaki bebas nak splash2 air


  5. congrate for new coming…
    triplet again?? hehe….
    u mmg x plan erk?? actually, kalo lepas deliver, perempuan mmg cepat subur, kalo x plan, mmg cepat jadik… hehe.. its ok, rezeki tu… x sangka harith & athirah bakal dpt adik.. no wonder la ur hubby rajinnye nk tolong buat semua benda..


  6. awww your hubs so sweett 🙂 But ngeri plak tengok dia pegang the babies camtu. Yelah dia besar kan sempoi je nak hold the small babies..


  7. ibu-of-twins:
    this time single pregnancy.
    mmg tak plan coz previously i had problem conceiving coz i ade polycyst ovary syndrome. so takut pulak if buat birth control next time bile nak susah nk conceive lg.
    kire rezeki lar nie..pasni bleh lar kot “tutup kedai”…
    hmm, at 26 im wiz 3 kids, mcm org dulu pulak rase kawin muda2,26 anak dh 3…hihi
    hubby mmg b4 i pregnant lg die buat sume…kire to jama’ n qada’ time die takde kt rumah..hihi

    mmg yg tgk ngeri, tp budak2 suka. papa tgn besar…selesa je diorang compare dgn mak yg keding angkat…rase tulang je.


  8. ya la, bagus hubby u. bley rileks ek time dia ada. i hope my dear hubby pun macam tu, so far OK aje lah..belum jadik SUPERB lg. (nak kene train lg ni) hhihiihi.
    btw, congrats on ur new pregnancy and take care!


  9. nanoor d’ lovelyummi:
    al-hamdulillah so far hubby mmg helpful tapi since mlm die tido lewat to feed the babies and all…so pagi babies my shift. he wakes up later.
    tat’s fair enuff for me =)


  10. munirah..congrats dear again n again on ur new coming baby!!! pengganti arwah sudah datang to complete the family 🙂

    btw haiqal pun sukaaa sangat his yellow ducky..sampai tungang terbalik bila mandi dalam tub. a REAL exercise and a REALLL backpain for the momma hahaha.


  11. lana,
    thanks dear.
    “pengganti arwah sudah datang to complete the family” <-- the PERFECT answer for "wahh cepatnye..." =) yup, the bending and all mmg REALLLL backpain for us. Now both still mandi in the sink coz they love the “waterfall” from the tap onto their body….but very soon hArith can’t fit in the sink. Oh mati lar belakang mOmmy…and later when tummy gets bigger.. oh gosh dont want to start imagining it… how was haiQal on plane?


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