The gal – TRIPLETS plus ONE

The gal

February 27, 2008
who goes “ahhh..ahhh..ah…ah…ahhhh” non-stop.
Introducing, athirAh zAhraa….

This is also the same sound that wakes me up in the morning…

And also the same sound (conversation / song) that you will hear during car ride journey

She will go on and on non-stop

hmm…mari kite teka athirAh tgh ckp/nyanyi lagu ape…

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  1. hmmm…soalan cepumas tu!

    blum dgr hArith yg berbunyi. Pagi2 kami dh kena dgr kuliah subuh. Kadang2 tu awal sgt, buat tahujud kot.
    tapi each time nk amiq video die ckp die akn diam biler nmpak h/p depan muka die. die jd confused…asal lar ade mende kt depan muka die


  2. hanim…. tunjukkanlah dirimu yang latest skali. dgn perot skali tau. kite nak tgk.

    athirah n harith sangat2 ler comel. adoilah bile kite nak ade baby ni


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