April 24, 2008

Second-Hand Storksak Baby Bag For Grab

Retail Price in Malaysia: RM993
Letting Go For: RM450
(Dustbag Included)
– Price inclusive of postage

Melanie Turqoise/Mango 006
– a chic shoulder bag that can be worn across the body
-the original stained glass print canvas is teflon-coated for extra durability and stain resistance
-fitted with dual side zip thermo-insulated bottle pockets and a folded micro-fiber padded changing mat
-a key-ring clip, detachable mirror and a wipe-clean interior with individual compartments for nappies, mobile pones and purses
Dimensions: H39cm W39cm D14cm
I’ve been using it for almost 7 months but now hunting for a bigger baby bag since another junior coming. This bag is spacious enough to cateer for my 2 babies’ need. Could easily place 6 pampers, extra clothing for each, small towel, baby wipes and has compartment for two bottles.

Oh, of coz u can zip up the bottles =)

Dustbag Included

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  1. haha…that 9west baby bag is an advanced mum’s day gift. takpela i admire dr jauh je lah bag tu.. 🙂


  2. oh, xde reason dh lar mcm tu. unless ur bday is around the corner..hihi

    meanwhile, do u hv any suggestion for a big spacious baby bag? me hunting for one


  3. i like the skiphop range. allerhand pun not bad, quite practical tp tak se-attractive looking storksak


  4. yah im eyeing on allerhand. the bagpack model looks good but aint sure issit big enuff to fit 3 babies’ need. they have a bigger one though…tapi dh macam bag nak balik kg lar pulak…hihih

    never heard of skip*hop. will definately goggle on it.


  5. their distributor is Kids Concept Sdn Bhd at Centre Point, Bdr Utama

    but the 1st few years @ the curve do carry some of the bags


  6. wahhh..cute jgk beg storksak ni! but i’m not looking for a diaper bag per se right now…

    anyway, i think u need a messenger-style diaper bag, memang spacious! good luck!


  7. mama shmontel:
    yah, im thinking of getting the messenger-style from skip*hop coz they specially hv for twin stroller. but not sure if they hv tat range ere in m’sia

    nway, in case u r looking for a diaper bag…u know where to cari 😉


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