Hoorrayy!!! – TRIPLETS plus ONE


May 11, 2008
I just have to find few minutes of the many hours I have to jot this down. hArith and athirAh turn 11 months day before yesterday and yesterday they made their NEW ACHIEVEMENT…CRAWL! All this while, they were able to get from destination A to B but it wasn’t really crawling nor was it creeping. It was a combination of both.
But yesterday both of them, YES…BOTH of them were on all fours. Horrrayyy for them! Although they turn 11 months, but as i mentioned previously for their development progress it should be based on their corrected age (which is 11 months – 14 weeks = so tat’s about 7 1/2 months).

* alrite that’s all the time I have. I’m without a maid for about 2 weeks by now, she’s back in Indonesia for emergency leave coz her mom is sick, stroke. Now she’s having problem returning here because she went home without the proper procedure….oh gosh! 7 months pregnant and 2 babies to handle…..

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  1. alhamdullilah. that’s a gud progress.

    i have one question here, normally for a premature baby kan, dia ikot age bila? age dia was born, or age that he supposed to be born?

    Coz my auntie ada premature baby, when i asked her how month is the baby? dia mesti minus2 bulan. btol ke camtu?


  2. lan0stzz:
    lets meet up lana…u bake ur yummilicious dessert and i’ll come over for tea (wahh…mmg ini muka tak malu hihi)

    if tanye umur it would be based on the date they were born but then progress wise as in their physical development and all should be based on their corrected age (the date they were supposed to be born)
    tu sbb ur auntie minus2 bulan. in my case i kena minus 14 weeks, tat’s 3 1/2months. my actual due date in september tapi terberanak june


  3. yeah harith and athirah is about hQ age kan?

    ierkk u boleh ke jalan jauh2 bawak twins? kalau nak mai laa anytime next week i free cuti 10 hari lah almaklum heh. nak pulangkan your precious pump. or do u wanna sell it 2 me sbb it has been so over used. do consider ok darling but its really up 2 u 🙂

    c u soon iA.


  4. babies are 11 months young tapi corrected age 7 1/2. so tat’s about hQ age.
    byk susah wo both can crawl. sorang go left, sorang go right. tak terkejar.

    ur hse kota d’sara je…tak jauh mane. can still manage (hopefully). so will ibu mengandung get to taste your cupcakes, or perhaps scones would be superb..(hahah…byk lar pulak demand)

    the pump, u can still use it till mid early july. but hafta tell me where to go service. perhaps i wanna send for a service gak. so far no intension of selling it


  5. wah!! congrats to harith and athirah!!.. best kan dpt tgk our child development day by day…

    yup, once they are mobile.. kene yg pancit.. I yg sorang kenit ni pun penat jugak dibuatnyerr.. i bought a walker for nadhrah, sbb sian tgk my mom.. but unfortunately nadhrah doesn’t like to be on the walker.. she likes to be FREE.. putting her on the walker makes her felt like she’s being punished.. huhu…

    so good luck to you.. do take good care of yourself and the little ‘bump’..


  6. umi nadhrah:
    fuh mmg pancit dibuatnye. sorang ke kiri, lagi sorang dh buat hal kt belah kanan. athirAh seems to be more adventurous. sume mende die redah regardless wat’s the obstacle…main rempuh je.

    so far i hv no plan of buying baby walker. from the readings i did, apparently its good to let them crawl more, as the hand and leg coordination will help their brain development. no hurry in walking for me…sooner or later sure jalan gak, they will pick up themselves. insya-Allah


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