Travelling Gears – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Travelling Gears

May 21, 2008

This weekend will be History In Making, we (We means all 4 of us, pApa, mOmmy, hArith and athirAh) leaving for Ipoh for 2 nites then head to Penang. Have a wedding to attend in Ipoh and then to meet up babies’ greatgrandmother in Penang. Babies have yet to meet their greatgrandmother. So before I pop another one (in which I think will then be impossible for any roadtrip) we shall bring them see their moyang.This would be our very first out station journey. Gosh…wish me luck. How am I going to handle when both babies get restless sitting in their car seat? Lets just hope everything goes well.

But travelling with two infants is not a joke….the things i have to bring! Their clothing, toileteries, diaperSSSS, food, milk and soooo much more. I ended up doing a list to ensure i don’t miss out aything. Could you spot anything that I have miss out?

Here goes the list:

Feedings – Milk *something u could reduce if u breastfeed
Milk Powder
Sterlizing Tablets
Container for Sterilizing
Bottle Brush
Bottle Liquid Cleanser
Sippy Cup
Water Bottle

Feedings – Food
Brown Rice (Nestum)
Rice + Vege (Nestum)
Rice Crackers Biscuit
Disposable Bibs

Car Travel
Prepared Milk
Plain Water (Sippy Cup)
Hot Water (Thermos)
Plain Water (Water Bottle)
Extra Bottles
Milk Powder
Rice Crackers
Baby Wipes
Hand Sanitizer

Daily Clothing
Occasion Clothing
Sleeping Bag
Small Towels
Bathing Towels
Plastics for Pamperss
Swimsuit + Waterproof pampers + Float
Clothes Detergent

Shower Soap
Olive Oil
Kayu Putih
Baby Wipes

Lullaby Star
Babies’ Comforter
Name of medicine (to be obtained at pharmacy in case needed)
First Aid Kit
Portable Fan + Extra Batteries
Nose Suction
Nose Drop
Nail Cliper

*note that with two infants means everything i stated above need to be double.

We are planning to go for 4 nites…can u imagine the load we have to bring. Not too sure if we can stuff everthing in the car. We need to bring the stroller as well. And of cause…mOmmy’s and pApa’s clothing.

p/s: i’m still without a maid. She’s having problem to re-enter due to not following proper procedure when she went back to Indonesia. Life is getting more and more hectic!!! Babies are crawling in all directions including climbing up the staircase!

p/s/s: anyone who wishes to get free slimming programme…come over and babysit my two babies…sure can slim..hehhehe

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  1. Since dh lame tertinggal perkembangan u, i hv question here, skang ni pregnant u masih breastfeed harith and athirah ke?


  2. nope, i no longer breastfeed them. it dried up mase bulan pose. on top of that, mase tu babies tak direct feeding, i had to pump since they were still feeding using the tubing kt hospital. so no stimulation to produce milk


  3. so true.. travelling with infants are no joke.. macam kene bawak satu rumah kan.. huhu… i think your list are comprehensive enough..

    every weekend, we (me + hubby + nadhrah) would spend the nite at my in laws in PJ.. so you can imagine every weekend i have to pack & repack all the stuff… walaupun dekat jek tp kene jugak bawa mcm2 bende..

    btw, for swimming gears kan, where do you buy the waterproof pampers? i’m thinking of bringing nadhrah to the pool soon.. but not sure whether i should let her diaper on or not.. kang die kencing berak dlm pool lak, naya jek.. huhu.. kalau pakai diaper nanti jadik berat lak..


  4. gosh, it is sure hectic nak pack and repack every weekend. if I’m in that position, i would have a set of toileteries, stock of pampers and any other things that i can ‘park’ at rumah in-law. so takyah bawak ulang-alik.

    bout the pampers, bleh beli kat Giant Supermarket in OU, it’s huggies swimwear. tapi pack of 12 pieces was about RM24. kalau u plan nk go on regular basis, better beli yg swimming undies kt mothercare. even though lagi mahal but can be used again and again. it’s almost rm60 if tak silap.


  5. hQ goes swimming regularly tapi x penah pakai pampers..just the swimsuit. so far x poop hehehe. i guess its the pressure talking so no pooping in pool for hQ! hehe


  6. mummyhanis:
    i tak bawak mobile cot, brought their comforter one each to sleep on d floor, sbb harith penah jatuh katil.
    but i brought their tempat mandi skali


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