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A Graduate….?!??!?!

June 29, 2008

Here’s the post as promised. My experience with a student doctor which I find it verrryyy scary to have such doctor in future!

He came with another two friends to ask about my case cause they have to do case presentation infront of their professor.

It will be a long entry if I were to tell in detail, so i’ll just highlight some of the question that I think very ridiculous!!!

Scenario 1
He: Ini anak yang ke berapa?
Me: This my second pregnancy, first pregnancy was a triplet.
He: (Looked at his friend and showed his fingers..two fingers then three fingers?
Me: (Gosh I was like &#*$&@?? He doesn’t know triplets means THREE???)

Scenario 2
He wanted to measure the size of my tummy to see what’s my gestation (how many weeks am i pregnant) and apparently there are two methods..either by using fingers or the measuring tape. His friend asked him to proceed either way to measure my gestation. He then asked his friend…

He: Which one is more accurate? Fingers or measuring tape?
His friend: Well, are your fingers the same size as mine?
He: So which one more accurate? Do I use my fingers or the tape?

Gosh…can’t he put two and two things together. His friend clearly point out that not everyone have the same size of fingers…so obviously tape is more accurate aight??

But he still didn’t get it. His friend ended up telling him that measuring tape is more accurate
And his respond was…

He: Ohh…

Scenario 3:
He: Anak puan laki atau perempuan?
(are your children girl or boy?)
Me: A girl and a boy
He: Anak lelaki brapa umur? (how old is your boy?)
Me: 1 year 2 weeks.
He: Anak perempuan? (and your girl?)
Me: ANAK KEMBAR SAMA UMUR LARRRRR (they are twins…same age!)
He: Ohh…

I really feel like knocking his head at the wall!!!

Scenario 4:
He: Kepala bayi di mana? (where’s your baby’s head?)
Me: How am i supposed to know?
He: (He gave me a suprise look and said..) You don’t know???
Me: You are the doctor….you are suppose to tell me!
He: Yang bahagian keras itu kepala bayi. (The harden part is the baby’s head)
Me: Oh, sorry I don’t know that. You can go round the ward and make a survey how many pregnant mom out there knows where their baby’s head.
He: Oh, some people know.
Me: Sorry…i’m not the “some” who knows.

He: Do you know where is your baby’s leg?
Me: NO!
He: Well, where there are movement….that’s the leg
Me: But it can also be the hand moving aight??!?!?
He: (Remain quiet)

Scenario 5:
He: Why were you admitted?
Me: I was having contraction
He: Macam mane awak tau itu contraction? ( how do you know it was a contraction)
Me: I felt the discomfort and pain.
He: Was it discomfort or pain?
Me: The pain causes the discomfort.
He: Tapi discomfort dan pain tak sama, yang mana satu? (But discomfort and pain is not the same? What did you actually feel?)
Me: Well, it was pain but I consider it tolerable, thus i call it discomfort.
He: Tak sama wo (But that’s not the same)
Me: (I think there will be no end to it..so I told him off) Kay kay…it was pain then!

He: Brapa lama contraction ( how long was the interval between your contraction?)
Me: It was every 5 miuntes then it goes up to every 3 minutes.
He: Kenapa mula2 setiap 5 min kemudian setiap 3 min? (Why was it at first every 5 mins then it goes to every 3 mins)
Me:(I really feel like knocking his head…how am I supposed to answer that??!?!?!)
then his friend whispered to him “You are not supposed to ask such question, but instead you are supposed to tell her why it happen that way!”

Yes, by now even his friends were embarassed with such questions that he gave me…

There were soo many other dumb question that he asked me…the entry would be too long for me to write in detail….

Well, wondering what’s the background of this student doctor?
His background: A GRADUATE medic student from Beijing. but since his university that he attended not being recognize by our Education Ministry, he need to do few more years here to get his degree recognise. So technically he is in fact a GRADUATE!

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  1. hahaha..sgt sengal la that doctor..u take care k..may everything will b alrite 4 u..Amiinn 🙂


  2. OMG… Mun… scary nye!!! n u can still sabar wt his ‘attitude’…. klu i la rasanya dah lama mamat blur tu kena sembur… plus i might ask him 2 leave coz it was sooooo annoying… i’ll tell d operating (or d ‘real’ doctor) that d trainee’s r causing me x-tra pain in d head… psycho maniac dr…. hahaha…


  3. masyitah:
    i think i need a word worst that “sengal” to describe tat guy!
    or it is just impossible to find a word to describe him…

    mmg tak sabar dh time tu, i gave excuse tat i need to make a phone call. he actually waited outside my room smpai i abis ckp phone!

    in fact my husband suruh tanye die “staff/matric card die tu photostat punye ke mmg dpt from hospital??”
    or just tell him off “pak guard kat bawah pun bleh tanye better question”


  4. i’ve a word 4 that… call him ‘FREAKSCHOMANIAC’… (freak-pyscho-maniac)… hahaha… suits him just right ;-p


  5. wah sabarnye u dgr “doctor” tu berckp…if i were in your situation i’d give him a piece of my mind!

    woo takutnye if that guy can actually pass as a doctor..


  6. mmg nak je kena kan die kau kau. but dont think he would even realise i tgh kena kn die. sbb muka die macam tak bersalah pun tanye those “smart” question.

    even when i said “KEMBAR SAMA UMUR LAR”… he takde pun muka mcm “oppss, i forgotten tat u told me u had kembar” but instead he just go “oh” and jot the age down

    we can start thinking of word to describe him but i still think there’s no word tat can describe him bes…hehehhe

    mayb he graduate bcoz he’s a bookworm…sume mende hafal je without knowing the application of wat he hafal…


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