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If only…

June 11, 2008

If only I had recorded what had happened….

athirAh was in a standing position, holding on to the bed. She then confidently let go one hand and wanted to let go the other hand. Somehow she knew she will lost her balance and wanted to be back into her sitting position. But it looks to me that she was trying to figure out the best way to sit down without any falling impact. Meanwhile…hArith was putting an eye on athirAh. I’m sure he was doing a monologue “hmm..i wonder what my sister is trying to do”. Then suddenly, athirAh decided to just let go her hand, which is how she usually does it and land on her padded buttock a.k.a pampers.

To my suprise hArith started to laugh, and giggle out loud to athirAh. It was as though he was trying to say “I knew there was nothing else u could do except just drop urself to the floor”. I was sooo amused to see hArith laughing away. I joined him, yup i laugh at athirAh too…hihi. And spontaneously I raised my hand and said “high 5 hArith!” and to my suprise he gave me a high 5. Thought it was coincidence. So I did again “high 5 hArith!” and again “high 5 hArith!”… he he responded to all of it. Wow…who taught you “high 5” hArith?

Hmm..must be pApa’s doing behind my back. Way to go hArith. and athirAh…please please stop being toooo daring. My gal is scared with nothing. She would climb anything, everything, anywhere, any time. She does realise the depth between the bed and floor, but that doesnt scare her at all, instead she would stretch her hands out waiting to touch the ground. So she would land on her hand first instead of face.

Well, just a day after my bAbies started crawling, they started climbing up stairs. athirAh had already climbed flight of stairs..all the way from downstairs to upstairs. Thought she would be exhausted by the time she reaches upstairs…but no she wasn’t. She continued climbing the tv cabinet.

And below..hArith is showing his interest in rock climbing. Wayy to go hArith. Lets share the same passion with mOmmy =)

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  1. munirah,
    i don’t know how you handle 2 crawlers on your own. i have one crawler and yet both my husband and i kadang2 tak larat nak kejar dia..too fast for us..


  2. mommyadam:
    when u r left with no other choice…u’ll tend to figure out a way. bile hubby gi keja…mmg rase cam nak pengsan.

    if crawl je takpe…masalahnye suke memanjat. and tak reti takut pulak tu.


  3. auntie fadd & uncle apeng:
    bkn setakat hArith gelak kt athirAh, mOmmy pun ikut hArith gelak besar…hehehe

    mmg sgt semput.n now i’m in my 32nd week of pregnancy…fuh, tak larat pun kena buat2 larat.

    mane lar nak cari maid ek…if go tru agent pun bukan dpt immediately kn…


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