Longest 3 Days of My Life – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Longest 3 Days of My Life

June 27, 2008

24th June 2008:

At about 5am, suddenly i felt some discomfort…well it was more of a backache. The exact kind of pain that I felt during my triplets pregnancy (which I ignored and slept over it) and ended up I was dilated 9cm and ready to give birth at 26 weeks of gestation.

So this time around, I was more alert. I knew the pain was bearable but to avoid another premature baby…woke hubster up and told him about the pain. We went to the 24 hrs clinic at first..thought the doctor could roughly tell us whether I’m in early labbour or it is just another pregnant discomfort. But the doctor was like half asleep and was uncertain what to do thus suggested us to go the hospital straight. (according to him, just by scanning…it can’t tell much).

Although, I’m booked under D’sara Specialist, thinking that I might ended up in labour…we decided to go to University Hospital instead since our miracles bAbies were born and nurses there. So we rushed to the hospital Emergency Unit. Actually by the time we reached there I was no longer in pain…but since I was already wheeled in the emergency unit, we waited for the gynae to come and have a look. Oh…i was in fact having contraction (which I didn’t feel a thing). In fact my contraction was like twice every 5 minutes!

The doctor straightaway said that I need to be admitted and to be send to the labour room…I was like “ohh…noooo! not another premmie baby”.

In the labour room…they put the CTG machine on my tummy to monitor baby’s heart rate as well as my contraction. Oh apparently I was having contraction every 3 minutes but then again…i felt nothing. Doctor rushed to checked for the availability of incubator in case I ended up giving birth. They wanted to give me medication called Dexa which supposed to matured my baby’s lung (again, in case I ended up giving birth) but I told them I’m allergic to it. They find it impossible to be allergic to the medication coz that medication is supposed to supress any allergy. So they decided to give me a test dose, just under my skin and see if there’s any reaction. After an hour or so..there wasn’t any reaction. Thus I was given the first dosage of the injection. ( a total of four dosage to be completed). I ended up in the labour room till 3pm…cause i was still having contraction and was given medication to stop it.

I was then pushed to the ward upstairs and there I was stuck for 2 nites…

Why was I there for two nites? Coz I have to finish my 4 dosage of Dexa that was given to me every 12 hours.

25th June 2008:

Doctors did their round and came to check me. Guess what? I was actually still having my contraction. Did I feel it? Nope…I didn’t. I guess that’s explain why when I reached hospital for my first pregnancy I was already 9 cm dilated. Doctors said my pain of threshold must be rather high than. So they warn me…the minute I felt any discomfort..even the slighest ever, regardless even if it is tolerable, I still need to come to the hospital.

My Dexa injection completed at night and i was soooo looking forward to go home the next day. I miss my babies soooo much. All this while, they are never out of my sight. And there I was 2 nites without them.

Oh, pApa did a suprise for mOmmy. The second day pApa came with the babies to visit me…they wore rompers with printed picture of mOmmy and written on it “We miss our mOmmy!!!” Awwww….so sweet!

26th June 2008:

Early morning, doctors came to do their round. They asked me if there’s any pain. I told them…that I didnt feel anything even after being told I’m having my contraction. So they scheduled me for a scan to see if everything is okay. I was begging the doctor to discharge me.

Scan was done at about 3:30pm… i was crossing my fingers for everything to be okay. By the time I return to the ward…doctors have finish their roundings. And I was like “gosh…does that mean I have to sleep another night?!?!?!” The minute I saw a doctor I chased after her to inform I did my scan and please have a look at it. She said she will look into it but 5 minutes later i no longer see her in the ward. DAmn….felt like crying.

Then I saw another doctor, again I chased after her but she said she can have a look at the scan but have no authority to discharge me. Need at least a senior Medical Officer to do so. Few minutes later I saw another doctor, I approached him and asked..why no doctor came to see me. He said compulsory round is only in the morning, in the afternoon…they don’t see all patients. Only those they think need to be seen. I was begging him to look into my case. Almost crying! He was king enough, he assured me a doctor will look into it.

But soon after, the doctor lak dissapeared. And there I was crying on my bed……

Mom and Hanah came wiz my babies while pApa park the car. they caught me crying..huhu. Thus mom went to ask the nurse can I be discharge. Oh, the doctor that dissapeared was actually chasing after her lecturer to show my scan result. What a relief. Soon after, the lecturer came and said that I need to do a final CTG and if everything goes well…I may then go home.

Yabedabeduuuuu…things went well. And now I’m back, home sweet home!

p/s: stay tuned for another episode of story. Preview: A student doctor who doesn’t know triplets means THREE!!!

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  1. fadd. U lar manusia yg paling tabah. Look back down the road… the past 15 – 20 years u went thru!

    u idola i tau!


  2. good to hear u’re ok now. u one lucky girl x rasa contraction. mine was hysterically tarik rambut sampai botak punya saket.. nurse pun x sanggup tgk i saket hence the epidural hehehe..:P

    tnx for the pump nway, it served me well..too well infact for the past 6 mths. thank u so much munirah.

    nak tgk gambar rompers!

    p/s: hold on baby!! wait for 40th week ok!


  3. oh lana…i hope the tak-rasa-sakit-contraction will happen again when i am really suppose to be in labour. crossing my fingers for tat. coz looks like i’ll be giving birth in UH again since might be expecting another not full term baby. Thus hubby cannot enter labour room..leaving me alone handling the pain. =(

    rompers tu hubby ans sister did in such a hurry before heading hospital, hence tak strika panas2..now gambar dh start mengelupas… =(

    glad my pump serve u well!


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