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Nivea Avocado Oil

June 29, 2008

Through out my stay at the hospital recently…I received lotsa comments from the doctors bout strecth mark. Yup…they were so impressed that I dont have any strecth mark although this is my 2nd pregnancy and had a triplet pregnancy previously.

They asked me what cream/lotion/oil did I use. Oh nothing expensive… i tried using the Cocoa Butter which apparently seems to berather famous to prevent pregnancy strecth mark, but it wasn’t suitable for me. I had small2 rashes on my tummy when I used it. Then I was recommended to use the Franch Oil but it was very thick…find it hasle to us it.

So what’s the answer to my strecth mark free….Tadddaaaaa

Thanks to hubby for rubbing the oil on my tummy (though at times he needed constant reminder to rub it…hehehe). And although I am not discpline enough in putting the oil (coz when hubby goes to work, I’m simply lazy to do it myself) it still helps me from having strecth mark free. Yabedabeduuuu. Yup, when hubby around, rajin pulak nk remind die. but when he’s not around i’ll conviniently lupe about the oil…hahahah. Ngada2 that is! 😉
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  1. pelik ek, dahla munirah ni asalnya mmg kurus…

    saya preggie dulu untuk sorang je, yang untuk second ni baru sgt, tak nampak lagi brp org, rasanye sorang jugak, tapi mak ai, strecth mark yg ada ni sgt mengerikan…

    bila fikir2 balik, mungkin macam munirah ni dah ditakdirkan untuk preggie triplet, then the ruang di dalam dan juga regangan kulit luar mmg dah Allah siapkan untuk elok2 brp byk babies n sebesar mana baby kat dalam boleh duduk dgn selesa..

    cuba check with your mother, macam saya bila check with my mother mmg historically she had a terrible stretch mark too..

    but, afterall, I didn’t deny the constant used of any type of strecth mark care oil n lotion do help…right?n mmg saya tak guna langsung..hihi

    gudluck ye
    untuk deliver adik harith n athirah!!


  2. oh yes..i pun ade dgr org ckp strecth mark nih ikut keturunan..not sure bout this..but me and my mom takde problem with strecth mark sgt eventhough i pon sgtla mls utk memakai oil/lotion..


  3. rafiza:
    im not sure how bad my mom punye strecth mark tapi if im not mistaken die ade gak skit2.

    hmm..if nak kate pasal renggangan kulit..mmg tak cukup. tu sbb aritu pregnant triplet, babies kuar mase baru pregnany 6 1/2 bulan.

    for this pregnancy pun, dh masuk 2nd trimester baru lar nk start pakai oil…hhihihi

    jgn pulak kang after baby dah kuar baru nampak strecth mark sudah…

    mmg sgt malas tuk letak sendiri. conviniently akan lupe letak. tapi bile suruh org letak…mmg sentiasa ingat, hehehe


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