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We Love You pApa!

June 16, 2008

How was fAthers’ dAy celebrated? It was pApa who ended up in the kitchen doing Macaroni for me 😀

Well, besides putting on the two rompers on my bAbies that was made wiz l0ve by mOmmy, nothing else happened…. And the reason being:

1) Wanted to go out with the rest of the family but both my bro are not around and my sis, Hanah is coming back soon…so might as well wait for all to be around.

2) On second thought, wanted to belanja (whoever is around), my parents and all the 4 of us dinner but dAd is scheduled for a medical check-up the next morning, so he didn’t want to makan besar. wanna control his colestrol level…so there goes my offer.

Looks like we will have a fAther’s dAy celebration but a belated one soon…

Meanwhile, a BIG SHOUT OUT to pApa (hubby) bApak (my dad) and ayAh (father-in-law)


To pApa, thanks for being such a lovely dad to the babies, my stronger backbone during those critical times our bAbies were in the hospital, waking up middle of the night to do milk when the bAbies cry for it, changing their diapers (my nose tend to be super sensitive for this pregnancy, thus all diaper time pApa is taking the tender ;)) bathing them…oh they are getting heavier and heavier for a 32 weeks pregnant lady to carry and bathe them, sleeps in a sitting position to hold the baby up whenever they have block nose while mOmmy on the other hand tido terbaring, nyenyak and selesa, sedut the bAbies’ mucus manually when they have flu, melayan mOmmy’s never ending kerenah of hungry but not knowing what to eat, and of cause keep the babies occupied while mOmmy busy blogging away, hehehe…and the list can go on and on, impossible for me to even jot down every single sacrifice that pApa have made to the fAmily.

And best thing of all, to make it possible for mOmmy to be a homemaker while all my needs and wants are fulfilled. ( but please dont u ever picture in mind that homemakers sit at home and just goyang kaki…i certainly don’t have time for that but instead i’m busy chasing after the two bAbies. It’s definately more tiring than what I used to work 10 hours a day, 5 days a week) And also, putting aside what he wants so that he could fulfill the needs and wants of his babies and yours truly =)

The latest photo of the King with his Prince and Princess…shots taken today just before pApa left for work (oh pengsan lar mOmmy, pApa takde till rabu)



p/s: wat do u wish to have pApa? perhaps we shall go to ur fav hardware store and mOmmy belanja u any drill or any other DIY stuff u wish to have…j0m!

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  1. Syauqi mmg seorang papa yang baik..juga seorang sahabat yg baik pada kawan-kawannya :)Nice to hav ppl like u around.Muah.


  2. betul tu…surirumah like us mcm mane nk beli gift for hubby..coz watever we buy pun, comes from his pocket gak actually….kn kn


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