A Super King Size Bed – TRIPLETS plus ONE

A Super King Size Bed

July 12, 2008

that wasn’t big enough for my parents and athirAh.

The other night athirAh had a bad flue which causes her to have block nose at night. She cried out loud due to the discomfort and difficulty of breathing thus automatically disturb hArith’s sleep. So my mom decided to bring her upstairs to sleep with her.

Fearing that my dad would roll over and penyek athirAh, mom kept on insisting for my dad to move more to the side, not too close to the middle since athirAh was sleeping between both of them. Suddenly, in middle of the night my mom heard GEDAAABOOOMMM!!!. Panic, fearing that athirAh felt off the bed, she quickly woke up to see what happen. But athirAh was still nicely beside her.

Oh it was my dad that felt of the bed. So much of my mom insisting of him to move to the side. His head knock the chest drawer by the bed side. Ouucccchh. Tapi cucu punye pasal, my dad tak complain pape lar…=)

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  1. cucu punye pasal..hehe..my dad sanggup tido kat lantai kalau aiman tido sekali dgn my parents..dasyat kn?hehe


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