athirAh – TRIPLETS plus ONE


July 15, 2008
This girl is everywhere….

A gal who has no fear of anything…

Other babies cry at the party when being approached by the clown


my gal on the other hand…”attacked” the clown

the clown called me to take my gal away coz he needs his nose and hair…

She climbs anything…anywhere

Everything turns out to be adventure for her…

We will definitely bring you for rock climbing soon dear…

Because of that..we call this lil’ girl THE BUSY BEE…

and oh, she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, if suddenly she is so “well behaved”, quiet and so occupied…we really have to check what kind of “food” she has in her mouth!

p/s: seriously who ever in need of a slimming come over and babysit this gal! She will really make you work out as you need to chase after her all the time

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  1. Hi,
    U know me, I’m reading this particular blog from Frankfurt. I’ve been a silent reader all these while but this posting…..I just couldn’t be any silent any more..She is so cute and adorable.. All the best taking care of her and the brother!!!


  2. anonymous:
    hmm, i wonder how an ‘anonymous’ could enter my blog since it is for ‘invite’ only.
    anyway what a coincidence, the bAbies’ pApa is in frankfurt at the moment. If you happen to see him…tell him tat the bAbies miss him (and mOmmy too)
    hihihi =P

    auntie zura:
    harith? jap jap tgh nk kumpul gambar2 die pulak


  3. haa baju athirah sama dgn hariz! hehe so comell!!

    i agree with u, kalau baby tiba2 well behave je there must be something she/he put in his/her mouth! Hari tu hariz masuk gigit2 halia while i was busy cooking! heehee


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