Cheeky Lover Boy – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Cheeky Lover Boy

July 26, 2008
I did a post previously on athirAh the busy bee…

And this time around, it’s a post on hArith the cheeky lover boy.

hArith and athirAh have different characters…

hArith smile and laugh easily, and he always have a cheeky face…

And he is also the ‘lover boy’. While athirAh is always busy exploring every single thing..hArith would come to us coz he loves cuddles and kisses. He would expect people to greet him. He would ‘merajuk’ if u tegur athirAh but not him. Awww…such a darling!

See below, while athirAh busy exploring the house garden, hArith comfortably sat on pApa’s lap.

Oh, unlike athirAh who is extremely choosy in food..this boy of mine eats ANYTHING, ANYTIME… at times i wonder doesn’t he know the meaning of ‘kenyang’?
Remember the video I showed previously…he can even eat while asleep! He will never say no to food…

He enjoys bathing time, I guess water is his next best friend (after food that is)

Die swim smpai kaki kecut2!

And another great thing of him…he can sleep anywhere too!

The first top photo, he actually fell asleep while doing his obstacle course at his playgym class!

All in all…his a cool boy. Peace!

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