Jobscope for Helper… – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Jobscope for Helper…

July 8, 2008

To those out there who have a helper a.k.a maid…care to share with me what’s your helper’s jobscope are like.

Well, hubster and I do think that our helper are under uterlized, but yet I dont think that our helper actually realised that (thus does not appreciate how lucky she is)

Oh by the way, we got ourselves a new helper last 2 weeks.

So basically these are her jobscope.

  • Wash and iron hubster and my clothes (using the washing machine and dryer…so takde lar susah kena kuar gi sidai and jemur)
  • Babies clothes are handwash and hang outside to be dried.
  • Sweep and mop our nursery cum TV room first thing in the morning. (I asked her to wake up at 5:30am coz my babies are morning riser. By 6:30 she should be done with the sweeping and mopping so we could hand her over whoever that is awake early to enable us to perform our Subuh prayer. But not like everyday by 6:30am i hand over the baby to her. Most of the timeit will be around 7:30am – well afterall my mom’s maid also wakes up at 5:30am)
  • Sweep our room and do up our bed.
  • Feed and bathe the babies (however there are times that I myself / hubster feed and bathe them)
  • Wash and sterelize the bottles
  • Sleep in the nursery cum tv room (which is just outside my room) when hubster goes to work. So middle of the nite when one cries…she will help do the milk while i TRY to make whoever crying to stop crying to avoid the other one from waking up. And again, I feed them myself while she continues her sleep.
  • And of cause keep an eye on the bAbies whenever they are awake. Babies will be with their toys at the sitting room in which she will have to monitor (and again, most of the time I’ll be there with the babies too unless I need some rest and some free time to update my blog…ehehehe. And there are times where I’ll bring the bAbies upstairs to lepak2 with granparents)

On top of that we hardly leave the bAbies behind. Whenever hubster and I go out, the bAbies tag along.

And I myself will put them to sleep whenever they wanna have their nap during the day. And also I put them to sleep at night.

So basically she NEED NOT cook us meal coz my mom’s maid will do so. And as for my bAbies’ meal, not much work need to be done….just dump everything in the slow cooker. She NEED NOT clean the entire house but only two rooms (nursery cum tv room and our bedroom). She NEED NOT water the plants outside nor do any gardening. She NEED NOT help with any marketing, going to the market and siang ikan, and all those barang basah.

So those with helper, does ur helper do more work than mine? What are the other jobscope does ur helper need to do? And what time does your helper goes to bed?

If you think mine is under uterlized…how do I make it known to her that she should feel fortunate with her jobscope??

And btw we’re paying her RM500 a month.

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  1. i think shud be ok kot dear..coz bukan semua keje dia buat pun kan..most of the when ur hubs around..he will assist kan…
    mine – take care of my kids..bila i gi keje..since budak2 dah besar less work la..dah 4 years dia ngan i pay her 550/- tiap tahun nak pujuk sambung kena ada increament..hehe


  2. daling8tabby:
    a’ah when husbter around die ade more free time coz we all slalu bwk babies kuar.

    if dah 4 years okay lar kasi rm550.mine baru start dh mintaq rm500.


  3. my helper pun wat keje yg +- dgn yours, just dia kene tolong masaklah sekali sekala (usually hari2 kerja). but most of the time i do it myself. & maybe less, sbb dia xpayah cuci blk i, do our bed, strelize bottles, etc. cos i do everything myself.

    i pon xtau the best way to make she feel fortunate. sekali sekala je i cerita2, maid org ni kene buat ni, maid org tu kene buat tu.. dgn harapan dia bersyukur la dgn kelepakan dia keje kat umah i.

    bila kuar i bawak dia, malam2 dah xde keje (except sesekali dia iron baju tp most of the time dia iron time wiken), ada henpon etc. even i jarang suruh dia buat apa2, kemas umah pn tak, sampai huby complaint, nama je ada maid tp umah bersepah!

    keje dia, time i pegi ofis je. blk ofis bole kata sume benda i buat sdr. huhu.

    ahaha. sori2, dah jadi kolum luahan perasaanku plak 😛


  4. uh, tough question. donno how to answer a 2-maids-in-1 -house situation :P. tapi kalau ikutkan kat Indonesia memang biasa ada 2 maid specifically sorang bersih rumah sorang jg anak. hmm…kena carik bloggingmom from Indon la pulak nak tanya hal ni. ;P

    btw, increment yearly berapa u all kasi? 10% is it?


  5. munirah, maid i buat extra sket kot. she does the cooking, marketing must follow angkat barang, she does the gardening excellantly, sometime basuh kete i, satu rumah bersihkan wajib and she gets less pay than yours. huhu mmg fortunate lah maid u.. but she has 2 babies so ok lah tu.


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