Suprise Baby Shower – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Suprise Baby Shower

July 17, 2008
My one and only sista, Hanah organised a suprise Baby Shower Party for me last nite!!!! Really didn’t expect her to gather my friends despite it being a weekday. THANKS HANAH andThanks a bunch to all that came. A BIG THANK YOU too Fadd and Apeng for bringing the main dish…Nasi dagang (thanks to her mom for cooking it!). We also had roti jala and lots of dessert, cupcakes, cake (thanks Irin!), fruits and traditional kuih.
Another shout out of THANK YOU to Hanah’s friendsss who helped her to decorate the hse. So where was I when all the decoration being made? Out with hubster to OU to get my stuff. Well, basically I did know there will be a makan2…but I was told Hanah gonna have some friendss over…which is quite common for those TKC gals to have a get together at my hse. So tot it would be just another usual ‘noisy’ nites with the gals.
But, as I reached home…walllllaaaa. Everything was nicely decorated and the presence of my friends and Hanah’s friend. I had a big grin on my face of coz =)
Here are some of the photos taken…

That’s Hanah…

Alamak, font at the picture cannot be seen…anyway its written “That’s an 8 1/2 months pregnant tummy”. Is that consider big or small?

The TKC gals that came to help out..THANKS

Makan time…

Oh, Hanah even organised few games. A challenge to see who can finish the ribena in the feeding bottle… it was funny to see big adults sucking on bottles…hehehe

Another game was to design the rompers. Judges were my brothers. Here’s the artists busy at work…

Everyone proudly holding their master piece…

And, here’s the art design winner…. with her chocolate as the gift

Well, I hope everybody enjoyed themselves as much as I did. And thanks to my babies too who behaved well despite having the crowd at home. And of coz thanks to hubster too! And to my mom who became the “Finance Minister” of the night…yup Hanah organized but on mama’s expense, smart of her aight! heheh

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  1. eyy that’s heydeq. is she preggie already? irin’s pretty as always btw 🙂 loves the ‘etiqa’ rompers haha


  2. jama nak join!! kak nem, baby laa lagi.. jama nak join baby shower!=(

    so bad of hanah.. =(



  3. lana:
    yup, tat’s heydeq and nope she’s not pregnant yet. neither is irin.

    oh the etiqa rompers..mayb i should wear it on uZair and bring her to etiqa…mane tau get better rate for insurance…hihi

    baby lagi? maybe u hv to wait for hanah’s babyshower kot…=)

    or maybe urs!


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