Who are you to judge us? – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Who are you to judge us?

July 27, 2008

** Warning: this is not munirAh the mOmmy of triplets writting…but a hormone rising post natal woman… Proceed with caution.

Recently, someone past a comment saying how come even with a maid we (syauQi and I) find it rather tiring to handle our 3 kids (or should I emphasis that we have 3 BABIES, not kids).

Well, yup u may have more children than us but do we need to emphasis that ours are all very much dependent on us. Whereas your children are all of a different age group. If your eldest happen to be 6 years old and youngest still a baby, you only need to feed the youngest. But in my case, all 3 have yet hold their own bottle. (yes, unfortunately hArith and athirAh simply refused to hold their own bottle, they can carry any other heavier stuffs except for the bottle). And do you still need to chase around your 6 year old child? No you don’t aight? Unlike us, where we contanstly need to have an eye on them all the time…crawling, climbing everywhere. And as for athirAh we really need an extra eye for her coz she puts everything in her mouth.

And even though you have more kids than us, do you need to bathe all of them, change their diapers, dukung them, suap them, put them to sleep (and the list goes one)? No aight? And i’m sure you get more hours of sleep than us! We have to attend to 3 babies in the middle of the night, each of them wakes up at different hours of the night. Oh I can’t remember having more than 2 hours of sleep uninterupted since the birth of uZair. So how can you judge us for not being able to handle our babies.

Yes, we do have a maid…but it is not as though the babies are with the maid all the time. The babies are very much attach to us. It makes me feel like crying to see either hArith or athirAh play by themselves. So even though I’m in confinement, I still dukung hArith and athirAh, golek2 and play with them. (hArith is 10kg while athirAh is 7kg). They are soo attach to us that they demand that we put them to sleep. Even grandma tak laku to put them to sleep.

In fact my makcik urut pun bising kate my peranakan jatuh lar…dah urut pun masih jatuh not yet back in position. Mau taknye…the very next day after beranak I dah dukung hArith.

Seriously, I don’t think it is fair for you to judge us. We are totally in two different league. You may have 4 or 5 children, but we have 3 BABIES. So takyah lar comment kate ade maid pun tak larat ke?…or takyah lar smpai kate suruh anta to her and she will jaga. Or maybe I really should hantar to her… and see can she really handle it.

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  1. hekena ade jugak spesis manusia camni,…good thing she offered her service. hantar jelaaa biar rasa!!!

    i anak sorang pun x tertido. ini kan pula u 3 anak SAMA BAYA. such a superwoman lah u munirah..oh yes shauqi…super dad jugak hehe.

    take care u allzz..will visit u one of this day in this week boleh?


  2. alah i komen panjang2 tadi tapi hilang..heheh

    main point – i marah ok dgn org yg komen kat u tu!!!


  3. tu lar, mujuh die tak ckp to my face…mmg i bantai blk ah. she commented to syauQi, n syauQi couldnt be bothered nk layan / balas blk org cam tu. (oh mayb he needs some of my post natal hormone br die pun melenteng kot)


  4. lana:
    my anak lak tetiba kena flu. giv a call whenever nk dtg, takut if they flu kang kena kt hQ pulak…


  5. jahatnye sape ckp mcm nih. isk2..

    i yang jaga sorg ni pun rasa penat… apekan lagi 3 babies? and especially newborn baby kan. kerap bangun malam and so on.


  6. the queen bee:
    org yg ckp tu mayb anak die passive dok diam je kot. tu bleh kate jaga anak senang

    aunty fadd:
    mmg marah kn fadd…die tak tau hArith and athirAh lasak sesangat n athirAh mcm tarzan


  7. eeehh sapa la cakap macam tu..dia tak tau nak differentkan between kids ngan babies kot…


  8. hana join marah!! to whom it may concern (hopefully die baca) u only haf to look at kaknim walking all over the house chasing after them right after giving birth and compare it with yourself bila baru beranak! sheesssshhhhh the audacity of some people!

    owh n in case you still haven realize kaknim, c’est moi! u better invite me again if u dont want me to go on doing this hahahahah


  9. hana:
    unfortunately tat person wont be reading wat u wrote;
    one: she’s not even my fren thus not an invited reader

    second: doubt it she even know i hv a blog.even if she does, she kn tgh busy jaga 4 org anak die coz die kn takde maid, sendiri jaga wo!


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