Wonderful World – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Wonderful World

July 26, 2008
Well, syauQi’s and my definition of a Wonderful World a.k.a Peaceful World is…..
All three asleep!
ahmAd hArith

athirAh zAhraa

ahmAd uZair

Oh, don’t you think our room looks more like a nursery now? I have to push all 3 cots near to our bed to make it easier for us to attend to them in the middle of the night

And it would be even more perfect if all those 3 asleep and at the same time we can also fall asleep at this nice cosy king size bed…but unfortunately our Wonderful World would last for a maximum of 20 minutes only since both hArith and athirAh only takes short power nap during the day and uZair on the other hand demands for milk very often…

In fact 20 minutes of the Wonderful World is hardly obtainable, perhaps 10 minutes sounds more like it…

So, what’s your definition of a Wonderful World?

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  1. What a wonderful scenery 🙂
    I wish happiness in every way.I wonder kalau Uzair bangun, they terjaga takk??Or if any of them TERbangun, yg lg 2 tu mcm mana ekk??Ohh kamu sungguh tabah.Respect!!!


  2. oh if anyone terbangun…mOmmy and pApa akan trus buat larian marathon to attend to whoever crying. sbb if lmbat kang ade yg lain bgn.

    hArith light sleeper compare to athirAh, die agak sensitive to the surrounding noise. so if athirAh or uZair nangis, one of us angkat yg nangis, lagi sorang kena cepat2 tepuk hArith so die conitnue tido.

    bukan tabah lar fadd…but wat other choice am i left with? pandai buat anak, kena lar pandai jaga kn…hehehe.

    nway hopefully wiz the arrival of our newborn, bertambah murah lar rezeki kami, ameen.


  3. mommyadam:
    wait till u hear all 3 crying. mmg mcm nursery…and no longer a wonderful sight..hihi


  4. congrats on ur newborn baby!! yeahh ur room look more like a nursery! banyak nyee baby cots! hihih..


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