August 6, 2008

Gosh…this is the sweetest thing ever!!!!!

My sis Hanah msg me on my YM just few mins ago:

hanapunyer: btw guys, i was reading kak nem’s blog n teramatlah kesian kat her.. was thinking of poppin over to help around n play with harith & athirah so she can get sum rest n all.. but x nak la pegi sorang2.. anyone in wif me?
hanapunyer: our thread on facebook from syuzz
hanapunyer: 🙂
hanapunyer: sweet, no?
hanapunyer: but just in case it doesn’t happen, it’s the thot tat counts rite? hehe

Syoozy if you are reading this,I want u to know that I just can’t stop smiling after reading what Hanah YM me!

In fact I am still smiling while typing this post! Perhaps should bring you for another round of Fondue Hagen DAnz 😉

And, like Hanah said,even if you can’t make’s the thought that counts.

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  1. kak nem, janganlah begitu, malulaaaa… but seriously id love to pop over with d girls whenever ur ok with it.. harith & athirah are just too adorable and ive yet to say hi to uzair =)


  2. anytime is ok wiz me afterall i cant go anywhere…stuck at home.

    but juz gimme a buzz b4 coming coz their pApa rajin bring them out if he’s not working


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