Breast pad – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Breast pad

August 8, 2008

To all Mommies out there, care to share with me?

Would like to know what breast pad are you all using. Need some suggestion coz all this while I’m using the disposable breast pad and I do think it would be very costly if I keep on using the disposable pad.

I’m on look out for the washable pad. Any suggestion which brand should I get?

*aiyakk weight dh back to normal tapi byk baju dulu tak muat coz b**bs are bigger now since breastfeeding. so agak sendat baju on the upper side… still have to work on the waist. 2 more inches to go

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  1. kak nem.. tlg laa.. u dah already kurus..hayak! takutnye.. hanah told me,dat dier lagik berat dr kak nem.. u must b verrrry thin ekk skarang? jama la yg nampak cm mak org canih? hehhehe


  2. Hanah is always more berat than me…heheheh
    peace Hanah!
    well, maybe her few cm taller than me makes her few kg heavier than me…hihi

    nway, though i’m kurus but at my tummy it is as though i’m wearing a pouch under my baju…tat’s y i say hafta work on the waist 😉


  3. munirah..i tak suke gune washable breast pad sbb nampak tak cantik bile pakai baju(beli kt jusco) guna disposable breast pad brand tollyjoy,selesa n agak murah banding brand lain.


  4. neeza:
    yup, i pun gune tolly joy, its about RM19.90 kn. tapi a kotak can last me cam a week je so for long run byk gak tu nak spend. the washable yg u beli before this brand ape yg u kate bile pakai baju nmpak tak cantek? (will avoid tat brand then)


  5. lana, i beli tolly joy, it has 48 pieces n i finish using it in bout 10 days. so if 1oo pieces dlm 20 days abis lar kot.

    u mmg x gune washable punye ek?

    oh btw how much is the mothercare pads?


  6. ade 2 brand i beli,satu tollyjoy satu lg tak from my experience,mase pantang je pakai byk breast pad,mcm i skrg tukar sehari dua kali je.rasenyer kalau pregnant lg i nk stok breastpad mase pregnant..hehe..


  7. i x pakai yg washable sbb yg disposable pun x abes2 lagi. i don’t really leak that much sbb i pump b4 it leaks. awal2 masuk keje mmg x hingat laa leak but it was only for 2 weeks. your body nanti will adjust itself so that kilang dia slow sket develop susu based on baby’s consumption.


  8. munirah i pakai brand mothercare. so far i think this one is the cheapest. rm39.90 for 100 pieces. ok la kan.

    Avent best, tp mahal. good absorbent.


  9. hanis, u pun pakai yg disposable ek? i pakai yg tolly joy 48pieces for rm19:90 so about the same cam mothercare.
    i br cek, kt UK selling it for 4.50pound, tat’s like rm30. maybe should get my dad to get it for me there.

    hmm…do u know anyone yg pakai washable punye?


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