Day 5:pApa's home! – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Day 5:pApa's home!

August 22, 2008

hArith was expressionless when pApa reached home. I guess he was trying to figure out “Why wasn’t this man around for the past 4 days?”

But after few minutes of warming-up, hArith was smiling hAppily =)

*athirAh was having her morning nap when pApa reached home…
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  1. ur son and daughter must be hepy and u double happy…..
    harith nampak chubby. rase nak gigit lengan dia….


  2. harith makin handsome la. athirah makin comel.. uzair pun sgt2 cute.. geram sgt2 tgk diorang..

    – ayueayang –


  3. ayueayang:
    hArith, athirAh & uZAir "thanks auntie!"

    hanah a.k.a wanderrr
    mOmmy letak minyak ah nk ajar rmbut suruh turun…hihi

    mmg mOmmy sgt hAppy sbb dpt tido mlm yg bes…hihi pApa amiq night shift.

    thanks dear =)


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