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Gosh, not again!

August 4, 2008

Few minutes ago, I caught my mom’s helper scolded my helper. (apparently, my helper was joking and fooling around and used the word bodoh (stupid) at my mom’s helper and somehow she took it seriously and scolded my helper). I could see how scared my helper was when she was being scolded like as though in her head she was saying “oh gosh…how am i going through tonite with an angry lady in the room” (yes they share the room).

I ignore the whole situation and pretended I did not know anything. But I could really see the fear and how upset my helper was. Later on, as she continued doing her chores I saw her eyes watery. So I confronted my helper but she said ‘nothing’. So I started the conversation ” she scolded you?” and my helper started telling me ” i was just joking around…bla bla bla….” so I said, “oh she’s old already and she gets angry easily, just ignore and she’ll be ok wiz u in no time” and I continued telling her how we (yes including my mom) also get scolded by her. And of coz wat we usually do is, we ignore. Alar org tua PMS. And she was telling me, “yes I know she’s old but this happened often…I get scolding frm her”

I totally understand her feeling. Coz I myself couldnt take it when my mom’s helper in her PMS mode too often.And to make thing worst, my helper have to tolerate it day and night coz they share the room. So now I’m thinking..is that a sign I’ll be without a maid again?!?!?!? I’m not suprise if she can’t take the pressure and decided to call it a quit. Ohhh nooooooo!!! I guess it is never a good idea to have 2 maids in a house.

And now, I feel like crying. Thinking that soon (and I hope the day will never come) I’ll be without a maid and 3 babies to handle. And worst if pApa is away working leaving just the 4 of us behind. How do I managed that. I will definitely cry if I fail to provide enough attention to all three. Especially when I see the two; hArith and athirAh playing by themselves.

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  1. takpa munirah
    “hidup ni antara syukur dan sabar”-hamka

    my husband selalu suruh senyum bila I tgh marah2 anak tak sihat, muntah2, jaga malam merengek dsb…mmg masa tu tak boleh nak senyumlah..
    tapi bila lepas habis solat n berdoa , then terfikir what my husband said, mmg terus tersenyum..n kadang2 nangis mengenang ketidaksabaran diri sendiri…


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