Play Land – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Play Land

August 9, 2008
Here’s an additional mess toy to the living room…
A ball pool

Previously Pah bought them a tent for their we-can-now-crawl gift =)

Here’s basically the things that keep them occupied…


hArith looks very relax in the pool ball

athirAh as usual..always busy

And I like this picture the most…cute ain’t she?

gelak beria sgt smpai tutup2 mata

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  1. hanis:
    i mmg dr dulu cari ni tuk hArith and athirAh sbb mase i kecik i teringin…hihi
    tp nk cari yg ade slide skali, somehow tak takleh lar diorang nk turun panjat slide…bleh duduk smbil baling2 bola je lah

    well, still not to late to get one for hariz 😉


  2. mama passkan….

    ‘orang lain pon ade cucu gak, x laa camni!’ huhuhuh

    better than die dulu letak sandpit bawah tangga rite??



  3. jamma:
    if u all dtg instead of having pillow fight bleh buat “ball fight”

    hanah a.k.a wanderrr
    alar mama…org lain pun ade anak gak tapi tak lar smpai brought the ‘beach’ home, pasir all d way from langkawi tu..hihi


  4. salzahari:
    the pool ball tu i beli online. alamak i pun tak ingat wat’s the page. sbb slalu sgt hop from one website to another.
    the balls beli from toys r us


  5. salzahari:
    waahh cool lar tent tu. how come i x notice b4 this. mmg sgt teruja nak beli. im now eyeing the slides.

    infact ade pool ball gak, u go to category inflatable toys. the pool comes wiz 100 balls. harga cam not bad. or if nk lagi baloi beli yg My Dear: Ball Tent, so u get both, the tunnel n the pool ball
    nway Pah beli tent tu kat ELC.


  6. salzahari:
    dear, ur link u kasi tak dpt nk bukak..i mean, bukak mmg bleh tp it doesnt show item yg u nak…


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