Resting – TRIPLETS plus ONE


August 27, 2008

I’m done with my confinement but now down with fever. Baru ingat after abis pantang nk kuar puas2 before Ramadhan starts….. =(

I’m also having muscle ache could be due to breastfeeding. I mean all the nutrion goes to the milk. And since I’m allergic to milk, thus I’m lacking in calcium….

Even during pregnancy, I had leg cramps almost every night. Even after the doctor increased my calcium tablets dossage, I still had leg cramps at night.

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  1. salam munirah … lama dah x leh view ur blog ..finally dpt jugak baca updates about u .. aminnn & congrats ya ..d ah selamat bersalin dah rupanyer .. keeep blogging okies 😉


  2. diana:
    hi there, yah i decided to make it open for public again 😉

    and thanks for ur well wishes =)


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