Twenty Six – TRIPLETS plus ONE

Twenty Six

August 16, 2008

It is a number that represent me as of today. I’m not too sure does that age indicate I’m (still) young or it is a number saying that I’m (already) old.

There are some 26 year old who are still enjoying life and choose not to settle down yet with the reason that they are still young. They say it is still early for commitment. So what should I feel? Am I still young or already old? Hmm..if you see a girl lady at a shopping complex walking around with 3 babies you’ll certainly label her as old won’t you? Does that make me old??

Well, for the record I got married at the age 22 (I turned 23 after 2 months I got married). Being married and was in my final year, I certainly didn’t have much time for fun. I had to juggle my time thus I stop most of my activities (and have yet able to continue any of it ever since) Well, at least hubby still had time for his counter strike back then. And now he is still able to slot in some futsal and badminton. (Well, I’m not complaining coz despite all those futsal n badminton he never abandoned his responsibility as a great father to the babies. Yup I’m not complaining but just a lil envy I guess coz I’m stuck at home…)

So today I’m 26 with 3 kids babies. Although to some the number 26 still represent ‘young’, I we (syauQi n I) on the other hand don’t get to be young. We are now surrounded with commitments in raising our 3 babies. Thus being young is no longer in our vocabulary. There are certain things that other 26 year old can do but we on the other hand can only look and envy… For instance, the other day hubster brought back a brochure of Club Med Mauritius, we could only admire the place by looking at the pictures of the broucher. And of coz wishing that we could go. These are among the things that other 26 year old could do but we can’t. How do we make it possible to travel with 3 infants?

Well, even though I can’t behave like one…I still do wish to look like one. I’m still very much comfortable with just jeans and t-shirt. Really can’t wait for my babies to be able to walk so we could go to the garden and run around. Go on the swings and slides, climb all those thingy at the parks. When my babies can do that, it will be a reason for me to be young all over again. To climb and slide down with them. Or perhaps get all 3 of them to push me on the swing..heheh. Yes, get them to bring me back to my childhood time.

In those days, every evening at about 5:30 I’ll be at the playground. It was very convenient cause the field was just in front of my house. I can still remember that we (my siblings and I) lost our bicycles couple of times. We left the house with the bicycle and when it is about time for Maghrib prayer, sume kelam kabut lari balik rumah and forgotten that we left the house with our bike. Only later after taking our shower and did our prayers, someone would point out bout the bike. And only to find out it was no longer on the field when we look out the window.

And now I’m past quarter century old. I’ve learned a lot for sure. From the early days of pre-school, to primary, to secondary, to IIUM and now my time is spend mostly at home with my family; three adorable bAbies and a lovely husband. My uni days taught me a lot. Not in terms of the subjects I had chosen but uni days taught me about life itself. Of cause there were certain things I regret doing and certain things I regret NOT doing. I guess that’s part and parcel of life.
For now, I shall learn from my past and make my future better. This time around not just for me but for the whole family. Yes, at the moment I am happy and content. 14 months ago we were blessed with our miracle babies and now we have uZair joining us. =)

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  1. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y M O M M Y
    hehe… kite post ni…
    hanim… tue awak berbaloi.
    tue wit 3 babies.
    bravo mOmmy!!


  2. happy birthday…

    tq for making your blog readable to anyone once more…

    last time i used to read your blog thru Lana’s. Love to read how ur twins (triplets) punya developements.

    Tup2 dapat bukak arini dah ada Uzair pulak… congrats..

    All the best to all of you..sure seronok handle three babies.. tripple the fun..tripple on what i have now…


  3. thanks for the bday wish. =)
    how do you get to know tat my blog is now readable to others?

    well yes it is triple the fun n not to forget triple the penat…hihhi

    while others always say double is trouble, but in my case i shall say triple is terrible…hihi


  4. m.o.t: wishing u a happy belated bday and congrats on ur new addition 🙂 and with new blog layout (and publicly readible, it’s even better..) eh i didn’t know that u r from tkc? which batch r u? which hse? but dfntely 26 is not old la, sis. younger than the rest of us, maybe..


  5. mszyi:
    thanks for the wishes dear.
    tkc? errr where did u get the idea im from tkc? i’m not actually..not tat smart to be one, hihi.

    bt im surrounded with those smart ppl, mom n sis were in tkc n hv few frens of my batch there (batch 1999)


  6. m.o.t: opss i thot u were coz i was reading ur prev2 posts, and ada post about baby shower event, and pic of tkc gals. so i thot they’re ur frens/batch

    typo, readible = readable, hehe..

    nyway, bestnyee muda2 anak dah 3! lega pasni dh bole berehat, tggu anak membesar bgai johan dpn mata.. 😉


  7. i know its readable because i can read it…ehehehe tak betul ke..?

    terrible in sense of tukar lampin, jaga makan minum, etc. tapi when time fun..lupa dah semua benda tu..wait until yours dah macam my Alya…nanti you know how much fun your tripple will be..InsyaAllah..


  8. mrszyi:
    oh those bunch of tkc gals are my sis punye frens. diorang mmg slalu crash this house…heheh. tu batch 2004.

    well mmg at times piki bes muda2 dah ade 3 anak. but on the other hand, like i said..we cant do wat most 26 year old usually do. especially, vacation….im dying for one. hihi

    u ni klaka lar, mmg lar readable coz u r reading it.hihih, but wat makes u come to my blog since u tau b4 this it’s being lock. saje2 try and taadaaa suddenly its readable ek?


  9. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO U TOO! My hubby turn 30 on 16th aug..

    as u said,yes..26 for us that older than u, is still “muda” = young which normally on that age,baru kahwin (mcm i n my hubby)/ baru anak sorang. still ada masa lepak sana sini (but i did envy both of u still had time to go for midnite show while being us, segan nak tgal anak pd orang/PIL just nak gie dating /rasa mcm mengada2).

    so enjoy what we our own way.

    do go for a family vacation (even u can’t have beauty sleep/real vacation mcm time ber2) yet still happy. try on domestic first! less budget, less hassle i guess ..


  10. salzahari:
    thanks for the bday wish.
    oh we only watched movie ONCE since we have kids. dont think we can afford to do tat again.

    mmg i dont mind going for a vacation even though i know i still wont have my beauty sleep coz mcm mane pun out of the hse wiz a different scene will definitely be nice for a change.

    but for now nk travel local pun, wiz 3 car seats, we need a MPV first. if gune keta, dekat2 setakat cam 30mins or an hour tu bleh lar nk sempit2 tapi to travel outstation…susah lah.

    nk travel wiz flt lagi impossible, airlines have a policy of one infant per adult. so wiz 3 infants…we need 3 adults…

    so for now it is HOME SWEET HOME 😉


  11. helo,

    i was bloghopping and i found your blog. i am mommy of twin too, my number 3&4. so i know what you mean triple the penatt heheh because i have double the penattt..hope we can share more ideas and raising the twin and still be able to keep our sanity level 😛 can i link you up ?


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