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Welcome to MY World

August 23, 2008

Yesterday was great, for me and the bAbies. hArith and athirAh had a blast with their pApa. Golek2 and lambung2. When pApa reached home, both were screaming for attention. The moment pApa carried hArith, athirAh would ask to be carried too and vice versa. There were lots of laughter and giggles in the house.

And I certainly had a good sleep last night. After breastfed uZAir, I passed him to pApa. Oh he loves sleeping while being carried. So pApa carried him while watching Malcolm in The Middle. And I had my beauty sleep. pApa also handled when hArith and athirAh woke up in the middle of the night. At almost 5am, uZAir wanted milk again, thus pApa passed him to me and he hit the bed. Just about an hour of sleep, hArith and athirAh woke up. pApa started making milk for them hoping that they will sleep again. It sure was difficult to get them back to sleep. Like I said, they are early riser. They wouldn’t want to continue their sleep. pApa kept on trying, and I wasn’t sure was it a success or not cause I was enjoying my sleep.

In the morning, pApa told me how difficult it was when both woke up. And all I said was “Welcome to MY World” =)

psstt…wan derr, balik lar sini for raya so i could welcome u to MY world too 😉

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  1. good for u dear !

    Aliah is early riser too..kalau dah bangun subuh, 6.30 mmg jrg tido balik. kalau tido pun to 7.30 am je! then bangun breakfast n main2 jap sampai kitaorg gie keja, then baru dia tido semula…

    takpe, bangun awal rezeki murah !!


  2. hehe.. seronok kan.. sekali sekala suami kita rasa bagaimana payahnya jaga anak.. 🙂 saya sometimes pass jugak Alisha kat ayah dia.. hmm.. jap je! trus pass kat kita balik.. dia kata tak larat.. sabar je lah.. 🙂 hihi..


  3. salzahari:
    hArith mmg macam alram clock, kul 6 je die dah diri tepacak dalam cot die jerit2..
    die bgn awal pastu die kn amiq nap balik aaround 10 lebih…tu pun nak macam 20min jer.
    and ade je hari yg tak amiq nap

    oh name anak u Alisha, same dgn name arwah anak i.

    my case mmg slalu je i pass kt husband bile his at home. and so far die mmg bleh handle. tu i bleh tido yang bes…hehehe.

    in fact i dlm pantang ni, slalu je die sorang2 bwk hArith and athirAh gi mall. die pun tak smpai hati tgk anak2 dungu dok rumah tak kuar2


  4. i pun mcm u, bila my hubby dah blk dr ‘kerja luar’, i dpt claimed blk my beauty sleep yg dah tak i nikmati sebulan. Then, hubby yg handle everything..main,mandi,pakaikan baju,bg makan,basuh poo-poo.

    Hubby u dah blk, bila hubby i nak blk lak? Waaa


  5. yup, mmg nikmat when hubster is around. tp mine takde lar away smpai sebulan…
    ur hubby belayar ker? (err..if u dont mind me asking)


  6. bestnya ur hubby, unlike for me, i think becoz my hubby belom get used being a father. n my son pun early riser, bagus ler at least when he wake up i lom gi keje lagi.


  7. suryati:
    alhamdulillah my hubster can help around…mmg since my first pregnancy he helped a lot. mandikn sume mmg no prob


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